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Welcome to my ask community!
Here's an FAQ that I will not answer if you ask me because it's right flippin here!

Not saying for privacy reasons.

Katrina. Not saying last name for privacy reasons.

What do you draw with?
Depends what type of art I want. Headshot, I Use infinite design for tablet or Paint. net, depending if I am just doing a quick request or im truly bored and want something high quality, paint. net is the higher quality. On paper? I have like a billion things I use, but mostly I use my 12pk. of prismacolor preemier markers and my prismacolor fine lines. if I want pencxil coloring I use my trusted crayola pencils. if I shade, I use an ebony pencil or I use my soft charcoal pencil (white charcoal for highlights). I will link below where you can download paint. net.

Do you RP?
Yes! If you wanna RP atg me in a post or make a post in the RP with Lumi category!

Can I be your friend?
Depends. Shoot me a hangouts message or a kik message or private post me. I love to chat! My kik is Fire_Shimmer.

Will you draw for me?
No, I don't usually do requests. I will probably offer an art trade in place unless were close friends and/or I'm feeling generous.

Rate my OC? 
Put it in the rate category I guess.

Can I ask your OC something?
Post in the ask my ocs section and tell me who youre asking.

How many ocs do you have?
28 currently. I'm still trying to total them up and remember all of them, so it may change a bunch. Link to my list here amd in community description.:

Please don't be offended if I give a bad rate!

Paint. net download:

And my art below :) I apologize for any doubles.
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May i get a rating? I dont know where to put this.
This is drakostryker...(pronounced draco (short a long o) striker) a unicorn who, despite what his cutiemark may give off, has expertise in elemental magic. anything to do with the following elements; (if any reference ticks you off...sorry in advance) metal, earth, electricty., fire, water, air, light, darkness, grass, or poisons...he can preform it. he earned his cutiemark by summoning an elemental(all but metal for the magic half of it) sword(metal being the physical object itself) and slew a dragon threatening his home villiage near the tartarus border. ever since then he has been practicing his elemental power and wandering the planet in search of new elemental based magic he doesn't know. But if he uses too much power (example; the sword), he will pass out for 2 days at minimum.
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+Derpy Hooves said i can do this so ~w~
Check out my community o3o

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Taking out the rate my OC section. I want you guys to ask ME questions about ME

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+Luminescent Feather [Fire Shimmer]  Dis is a dare, if u had to date one of my oc's which one would you date? if your oc was opposite gender  

Moonlight- alicorn
Shimmering lily- pink pony with black hair
Blazing Lavender- grey pegasus with purple hair
Toxic Galaxy- pretty color pegasus
Night rider- Blue pegasus with black hair 
Crystal Lace- pink unicorn with blue hair
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Lol so I'm r63 this week. Anything to ask my r63 self?

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What do you think of my ocs gender bend?
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my very first tumblr comic!
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wanna rate my newest art?
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