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Sadly the gaming doctor deleted his intro for some odd reason but no worries i made sure to dowlaod it.
--The Legendary Gaming Doctor Intro

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Hello fan club! Boo and myself are very sorry about the inactivity of the club, but there has been a new discovery... Nick posted a picture of himself with his hand over his mouth. In fact, his number one fan, Boo Sims, has the picture as the banner for our little community! Boo and I went digging and we found an image of a certain "Lyyyydddadiaiaijajajajaa Fooolton" (picture attached) we have many questions for our idol, and feel lied to. Did you copy this woman, GamingDoctor?

Been at 30 subs for a while now Boo... I still dont think you can do it

I am happy to say that the Gaming Doctor has past his goal of 50 subs and now has a total of 141 subs, so he will have to start making video again.

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Big Man Tryone also like the gaming Doctor and was so nice enought to make him an intro

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Even Jesus loves The gaming doctor

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I am happy to announce that there is now The Gaming Doctor official discord

You're never gonna get me to 50 Boo 😂😂

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The Gaming Doctor plays Black Ops 1 with oreokingjr, check it out! (Not my video)
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