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*Character Application:*

Hogwarts House:*
*Job:*(( Optional))
*Rebellion Side:* (Candor, Amity, Etc))
*Powers/God you're descended from:* Only for the 15
*Likes:* ((Optional))
*Dislike:" ((Optional))
*Love Interest:* ((Optional))

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{Closed to: *+Stella Blackheart*}
(Location: District 10)

Amelia looked around the packed station, there was students and parents everywhere. Most of the parents seemed as if they were busily say their farewells. A sharp pang of jealousy appeared in her, there wasn't anyone who had come to say goodbye to her. She immediately felt hateful towards them all. Amelia threw her trunk into the approaching train and then hopped on herself.Two more years in this hellhole,she thought, going into the nearest compartment. She hadn't been bothered to check if it was empty or not.
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Sebastian Aenigma: Me

District One:
Brandon Davidson: Melanie Prior

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:
Alexandria Lexington: Me
Aliyah Morrison: Melanie Prior
June Kaswick: Nell The Pumpkin
Jack Stephens: Nell The Pumpkin

District 5:
Brian Percival: Me

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:
Amelia Black: Helena Ravenclaw
District 11:
Scarlet: Lady Jules of the Night court

District 12:
Anastasia Black: Me
_Cassandra Thunderstorm: +Melanie Prior _

District 13:

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"There is no good, no bad. Life isn't black and white. There's is simply grey."

"The name is Amelia and I belong to The Noble And Most Ancient House Of Black. Man, that's a mouthful to say!"

"I'm currently sixteen. One more year and I'll finally be an adult! I can't wait."

"Do you know how rude that is?! I am most certainly a girl. Ask an obvious question like that and you will get a front seat experience of the Cruciatus Curse!"

"A student, I guess."

"Wand? What is your problem? Why do you need to know that? Anyways, it's twelve inches, made from oakwood and the core is dragon heartstring."

Hogwarts House:
"Green and silver serpent pride! But I could've been in Ravenclaw because of my excess knowledge but the Sorting Hat decided that my bloodline should effect my house and I'm happy it did. Most Ravenclaws are swots. And the other houses are fairly terrible. Most Hufflepuffs are just useless and the Gryffindorks? Don't make me get started on those annoying brats."

"Death Eater, like most of my family. Even my father used to be one, but let's not talk about traitors."

"Oooh, good question. I have three different personalities, and the last two are very unfortunate. My main personality is what ,many people say, makes me seem like a mini version of my Aunt Bella. And, frankly, I'm pretty proud of that. Bella raised me and she's my childhood idol. My second personality is one I hate so much that I'm embarrassed to talk about it. It comes from the genes from my mum, most likely. It makes me support stupid Potter! That's all I'll say. And finally, my last personality is just cool and collected."

"District? I was born in the Capitol but somehow I had to move to ten, because of my faction. Its not really bad in here. And a simple spell enlarges are food rations so that's not a problem."

Rebellion Side:
"Dauntless. Duh, what else would I be?"

Powers/God you're descended from:
"Apparently some guy named Zues. Which is cool, when I strongly feel an emotion the weather reflects it. And I can tell when someone's lying."

"You should've figured them out by now, I've hinted something's."

"The usual. Mudbloods, muggles and that sort of thing."

Love Interest:
"None, truthfully."

"I'm going yo be brief. My dad was Regulus and I have no idea about my mum except that she was in the worst house. And, as far as I know, I'm an only child."

"Look, I'm not pouring details. You can figure out things from what I've already said."

"Eh, I'm a wolf,registered, animagus."

"Just look at me."

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Can I make one of The Fifteen, please? And this community has a lot of potential, to be great! I love the mixture of all my fandom's!
~Sincerely, a new G+ member.

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Character Application:

Name: Jack Stephens
Age: 19
Gender: male
Position: member of erudite
Wand: magical stick
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Personality: He is kind and all of the other things that everyone is. He can laugh about nearly anything. Amazed by muggle tech.
District: District 4
Rebellion Side: no one, thinks they all got big weak points
Powers/God you're descended from: Only for the 15
Likes: Funny people and caps
Dislike: delusional people and tomatos
Love Interest: may come later
Family: Mother, Father, little brother
Bio: none of major interest
Other: -
Appearance: pic

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Closed RP: +Melanie Prior +Nell ThePumpkin+Juliet Eaton(if you want)
Location: Capital: Hogwarts Express


Years ago there was a school kids went to with excitement, a home a way from home. They called this school the safest place on earth. Till it was destroyed in the battle of good and evil. Some think, "Oh, of course good won.' But that's not this story. The boy who lived came to die by the hands of the Dark Lord, Voldemort. The dark side one, and the wizarding world was enslaved and taken over by Lord Voldemort. He put a barrier that cut off the muggle world from the wizarding world, and made it illegal to have anything to do with muggles. Many muggle borns were killed during this time. Then he split the wizarding world into districts to be able to control everyone easier. It is now 2016, and Hogwarts has been restored. Some of the higher class children were given access into this school before it reopened. Though currently the Hogwarts express has picked up the students from each district and they are now on their way to the capital. The capital is the farthest away from all the districts and inside this capital is huge. That is why the Hogwarts express is needed, even inside the capital. Its located all the way at the edge of the capital. You couldnt even walk there from within the capital. Its absolutely isolated, and the journey by foot is a dangerous one. Currently all the children of all ages are on the Hogwarts express. Considering the poor education children have been given even some adults have entry into the school. Now the story of the new age begins, an age of rebellions and wars, and where the truth isn't as simple as you think.
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Closed: +Stella Blackheart
RPing as: Brandon Xavier Davidson
Location: District 1

Brandon has just left his home and is wandering around. Soon, he meets some people he knows and talks to them for a little while. They're talking about the different districts and Brandon is clearly talking badly about his former district that is hold by Dauntless. He even narrows his eyes while talking. Shortly after, he continues to wander around when...

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Name: June Hazel Kaswick
Age: 18
Gender: female
Position: member of erudite (without memories)
Wand: 9 1/2 hazel wood, veela hair core
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Personality: She can be pretty rude and offensive, most of the time annoyed because she can't recall her memories. Even though she has high moral standards she is more talented in making enemies than friends, which doesn't mean that she hasn't got any good sides. She can be kind and helpful, if she wants to, but sarcasm is just way more fun.
District: District 4
Rebellion Side: Erudite (doesn't fully agree with them)
Likes: Cats and swear words
Dislike: Dogs and arrogant people
Love Interest: may come in later
Family: Unknown
Bio: Unknown, because of non-existent memories
Other: -
Appearance: pic

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