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#learning2gether  started in 2010 and continues to meet for free and open weekly online webinars, most commonly on Sundays at around 1400 GMT, in Hangout on Air and other online venues. For more information and blog archive see and find the schedule of upcoming events at All are welcome and hope to see you there.

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On #learning2gether this week, May 17, 1400 GMT, David Winet will show online participants how he entices his students to write enthusiastically, and with purpose using WeChat and Pollanywhere. Used skillfully, these tools can enhance students' style, syntax, grammar and structure. By dint of the students wanting to communicate effectively, they will little by little adopt the conventions that make effective, powerful communication easier.

Where? Hangout on Air
Event Page: 
Live-streamed on 
You Tube: 
When? 1400 GMT
Time where you are:

More information, as always, 

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This week's Learning2gether event is in Hangout on Air (HoA) May 3 1300 GMT. It's a conversation with David  Winet, founder of study dot com, and Michael Coghlan and I, for whom study dot com was a launching pad for the Webheads communities of practice, and subsequently Learning2gether.

There is complete information about how to connect to the HoA at these spaces:

 - Livestream at

 - Google event page:

 - More info and time where you are at L2g:

The impetus for this event  came about because Dave Winet recently sold the domain study dot com which was a free website that attracted and matched teachers with language students interested in studying online just before the dawn of social media.
In this session, Dave and Michael join me, Vance, in talking about some of the very forward thinking developments that characterized Dave's work starting late last century and that have led us through Webheads in Action on up to Learning2gether, twenty years later.
If you were with us at that time, please join us to add your reminiscences, and for those who have more recently joined us, enjoy a conversation with the founders of Webheads in Action.

The archive of Ayat Tawel's talk with #Learning2gether about the Silent Way has been archived at Here you will find a link to the original Bb Collaborate (Elluminate) recording and the mp3 rendition of that which you can listen to via its embedded audio player, or download and hear on whatever device you like. You will also find an mp4 rendition of the talk uploaded to YouTube which you may listen to here or download for playback later. You will also find shownotes and a note of appreciation to Ayat for a job well done.

If you would like to share your expertise with the #webheadsinaction and #learning2gether communities please volunteer for any available Sunday at Thank you.

There is a free online Spring Blog Festival #springblogfestival from 11 a.m. to midnight on Saturday March 21 with a dozen presentations hourly. All sessions are in WizIQ and links are listed at

Vance Stevens is presenting on #Learning2gether (about the blog at at 1800 GMT as part of the day-long event. Stephen  Downes is on at 2000 GMT. More information at All are welcome.

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Ellen Dougherty, Nery Alvarado, Daniela Coelho, and Vance Stevens, four colleagues working for HCT/CERT at the aviation college in Al Ain UAE, are presenting a mini-workshop at TESOL Toronto called iPad-agogy: a Bloomin’ Better Way to Teach, Thursday, March 26, 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM at the Electronic Village in Toronto
One of the presenters Vance wishes to share his insights into using various apps for writing including Google Docs with students to both enhance and streamline the process of interacting with them in their writing practice. Vance teaches to students who use iPads but manages the process on a PC. We will discuss the reasons for this configuration, but my purpose at this session is in part to  get feedback from those present on how they address writing with their students in an iPad or PC environment.
If my colleague co-presenters are able to attend, they can share the tools they plan to present in our workshop and discuss with those present how they use iPads in their teaching, and what apps and techniques they find effective in promoting the skills addressed in their classrooms.
Where? Google Hangout on Air
Google HoA Event page: Live-streamed
On YouTube: 
At via the stream and an accompanying text chat for interacting with those in the live Hangout 
Time where you are:

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Sunday March 8 1400 GMT Elizabeth Anne @eannegrenoble hosts a #learning2gether #edtechmojo Hangout on Air where we discuss how we manage to reconcile blended learning with institutional requirements,

Elizabeth is a creative contributor to #Webheadsinaction in a conservative setting, a situation faced by many of us. Come along to the hangout, which we'll stream at with a real-time Chatwing at where you can interact while you listen to the stream or ask us to make room for you.

All are welcome, and as usual, there's more information at

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The Learning2gether session tomorrow Sunday March 1 was instigated by Kara, someone in our PLN who is in a situation where she needs advice on what tech tools to implement in her context. It seemed to be worthy of discussion, and our PLN includes TILL (Teachers for Interactive Language Learning) where Benjamin Stewart has scheduled a Hangout to discuss the topic. That event is here:

The discussion is at 1400 GMT and there is more information at . All are welcome.

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On Sunday Feb 22 #learning2gether will host an introduction and refresher to Blackboard Collaborate, formerly known as Elluminate. It's set up as a sandbox practice session for #CALL-IS volunteers who will be simulcasting sessions using BbC from the #TESOL conference March 26-28 in Toronto. In this practice we'll make anyone who wants to be one a moderator. Moderators can see the complete tool set for BbC, and we'll explain, demonstrate, and practice with the tools that moderators will likely use in Toronto. 

We meet here: Bb Collaborate (Elluminate)
Time  1400 GMT. All are welcome, and there's more information here

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In case you didn't know, Electronic Village Online has just completed its 15th year of free weeks-long (currently 5 weeks long) sessions of quality professional development sponsored by #TESOL, Today is its closing event where all #EVO2015 participants are invited to gather at the end of this year's #evosessions to reflect on their EVO experience.

Where? Bb Collaborate (Elluminate) 
When? 1400 - 15:30 GMT
Local time here:
Countdown to event here:  
Google+ event page for EVO Moderators: 
and more information:  

All those interested are invited to attend.
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