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Operation Sebay Sebay
Operation สบายสบาย (Sebay Sebay)

+Hilda Leung +Haerang Dong +John Hanke +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +NIA Ops +Ingress Resistance Malaysia +Ingress Philippines | Resistance

The plan being discussed since a week ago involving me @EFyu with agent @Joesquire2000 while in Tawau (discussion while having some drinks). Since Sabah (North Borneo), Malaysia always being controlled by the opposite faction which is the Enlightened, our discussion continue until the bar is close and the staff asking us politely to continue our discussion in some other places.

We’re planning this operation on 6th February but due to some conflict with our schedule, we brought it forward today on 7th February and agent @Joesquire2000 feeling glad to execute it in the evening while most of people are sleeping. The plan involving portals in Federal Territory of Labuan and Palawan Island in Philippines.

The name itself สบายสบาย (sebay sebay) because during the ops, we’re listening to the song made popularised by Bird Thongchai from Thailand. And both of us love that song pretty much.

Total MU capture : +4, 468, 586 (3 layers field)

P/S: Congrats +Johan Lee @Joesquire2000 for the black illuminator ✊🏿and guys please comm bomb him to congrats 😊

Agents involved:

+Johan Lee (@Joesquire2000) aka The Commando


Me (@EFyu) aka intel/portal keys

#IngressAnomalyForKotaKinabalu #ResistanceSabah #ResistanceBorneo #Ingress #WhereIngressTakeYouToday
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Hope this group is still active

Codename: yihherng
Area: KK/Penampang

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This AR MMO will transform your city into a war zone! Enter the Augmented Reality gameverse of ‘Delta T’ and wake up to the war for our collective future. Choose from four Megacorps each with their own brand of patent tech and a unique vision for our world. It’s your chance to fight for and craft the future you believe in.

Check out ‘Delta T’ our ambitious AR MMO with a sci-fi storyline of epic proportions. The story unfolds according to monthly gameplay cycles and overall dominance. The core mechanics include location-based gameplay, clan wars, urban exploration and territorial dominance.

We are looking at Ingress and Pokemon Go gamers as a core community and would love to get your feedback on our game.

Check out the trailer of the game here

Sign up for the private beta now!

Thanks and regards,

#mobilegaming #mmorpg #augmentedreality #locationbasedgame #betatesting #mobilemmo #indiedev #indiegames #AR

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New global cross faction community for agents to share the history of Ingress.


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Operation Blue Christmas/Blue Boxing Day While people still celebrating Christmas around the world, 2 Resistance agents @deadp1e +Adam Yahiya and @skyzero96 +Anson Lee have made their adventure making North Borneo or Sabah blue by making 4 layered fields from Tip of Borneo to Brunei and East Coast of Sabah which acummulated 3783850 MU. Not forgetting agent +Ahmad Fauzee or @Fauzee for clearing green blocker #StayStrong #ResistanceIsTheBest #MerryChristmasFromMalaysia +Anne Beuttenmüller +Hank Johnson +Roland Jarvis +Ingress Resistance Malaysia +John Hanke +Matilde Tusberti
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Reporting in from cell AS10-NOVEMBER-13 (Kota Kinabalu city, North Borneo) on for Shonin Anomaly - March 28th, 2015.


The Shonin anomaly in Kyoto sees Resistance dominating the satellite sites including Guangzhou. Working together with our Chinese counterparts, they prepared portals in Ningbo and Lhasa with VRLA while local Sabah agents cleared block links simultaneously in Kudat and Pulau Tiga.

The resulting CF captured 395 million mu over the course of the anomaly.

Amazingly, even though intel was shut down by NIA, agents from all countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Phillipines, Taiwan) managed to carry out the link plan.

NIA acknowledges the field during intel downtime here:

Unfortunately, the field did not last until the end of Shonin as the Labuan anchor was taken out by a suspected spoofer. The spoofer was banned 20 minutes later after detection and mass reporting by all involved parties.

This is the first time that Sabah and Labuan has been VRLA targets (range 3000-4000km). Its also quite a feat for the planners to cross the straits of Taiwan and link from Tibet across so many potential blockers without working intel.  

We had stationed agent @Efyu at Pulau Tiga island to ensure Labuan was unblocked. The agent had a mini battle face-off on the island with Enlightened agents;@comam7 and @Windlex7.

All in all, thank you to all the agents involved.

Tagaroh Word of Life Church:

Labuan Peace Park:

Block clearing:
Tip of Borneo:

Gong Sumangkap:

Pulau Tiga:


Sitrep Author:@eeckart

#NorthBorneo   #Ingress   #Resistance   #Shonin  +Ingress +NIA Ops 
Shonin Anomaly
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Sabah represents! :)
One World, One Cause

#Singapore was called upon to support global Operation #Unight16  
The goal of Unight16 was an expansion of the same aspirations of Unight8, a demonstration of unity and strength across the Resistance communities around the world.
Despite hosting the BRRN summit on the same weekend, we decided to make supporting the Ops part of the itinerary and got to work on the planning of P8 builds, as well as local and regional fields.

New blood in the Singapore Resistance were very much at the heart of the planning and execution of this night of scanner breaking resistance action.

We’d like to congratulate
on their first time planning, coordinating and leading the P8 build teams and local field operations for a major global operation.

P8 Roll
87 agents split into 6 teams built a total of 2105 L8 portals were built from the start of the Operation on 24 Jan 2200(+8GMT), with a peak of 1258 L8 portals standing at 25 Jan 1800(+8GMT)

Local Fields
@MaximusGoliath&@Shadowyfm were tasked with planning local fields within Singapore.

@MaximusGoliath proceeded to perform a solo operation, clearing links and forming 21 stacks of fields over the North Eastern region of Singapore, totaling 512,260MU.

@ShadoWyfm’s team formed 5 stacks of fields covering the West of Singapore with a base link stretching from the West most point of mainland Singapore in Tuas, to the Botanical Gardens in the center of Singapore. With agent @nattieta&@aimlesscomet clearing the link lanes and agents @Echlori, @SilenceSoul, @mirradric, @ShadoWyfm, @Felicitous, @casino89, @dr0idman, @PakElite, @ynwa1892, @edisonc and @shortshort standing by at the respective anchors, the fields were thrown at 1747(+8GMT) yielding 1,758,720MU. Even as a spoofer attacked and downed the main North-most anchor, there was a contingency anchor further North which was fielded for an additional 366,639MU.

Regional Field
In coordination with our partners in Malaysia and Indonesia,@wywy, @Cass, @NS1 @razumi, @Grounde @Tjoe&@MiloAis coordinated regional fields spanning Endau, Karimun, Kundur & Kelantan, yielding a total of 25,506,238MU.

Unfortunately, at 1759(+8GMT), ghost links which lasted for 15 minutes after the portal was taken down by @Daltonus prevented the team from closing the field which would have covered Singapore.
Ghost link details
@1759(+8GMT) Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal -,103.988545&z=17&pll=1.314409,103.988545

The ghost links have been acknowledged by Niantic officially as seen here.

This allowed ENL agents to set up blocking links in Batam. Even after @Tjoe took these blockers out, the ghost links from these blockers remained for a further 2 hours.
Ghost link details
@1821(+7GMT) Carved Roof Top,104.057442&z=18&pll=1.12748,104.057442
@1824(+7GMT) Batam International Terminal,104.05518&z=16&pll=1.130684,104.05518

There were even larger fields planned that did not come to fruition because it was not possible to take a particular blocker down in time. The agents from the team involved with these fields are the unsung heroes of the Operation and we salute the team who put in the effort to clear the lanes for this field. You will see this happen some time in the future.

We’d also like to thank our overseas visitors who joined us in turning Singapore blue for #Unight16
@halette(Hong Kong)

The Enlightened in Singapore came out in numbers to thwart our efforts and we had a great battle with
and too many others to mention.

It’s a shame that these worthy adversaries have their efforts sullied by some individuals who operated over a dozen spoof accounts to destroy the L8 Resistance portals created.

This is a more complete and ranked list of ENL agents that were involved in the battle:

It’s worth noting even with the amount of spoofers ‘flying’ around, our L8 portal counts continued rising all the way to the end of the Operation
at 25 Jan 1800 (+8GMT). This is a testament to the resilience and determination of our agents in the face of adversity.
#unight16   #oneworldonecause #resistance   


Fielding Team


P8 Build




South West


North East


Special thanks to our global coordinators:

+vn Bedard-Tremblay
+Riccardo Mannella​ 
+Soliman Abdallah
+Adriána Perkele
+Kasper Lorenzen​ 
+Vicki Ellen
+Nihal Mirpuri
+Anne Miles​ 
+p. little
+Laurent Bartholomé


+Ingress+Niantic Project+NIA Ops+Joe Philley+Brian Rose+Brandon Badger+Ethan Lepouttre+John Hanke+Anne Beuttenmüller+Matilde Tusberti+Christina Wrenegade+Rebecca B​
Animated Photo
Unight16 SEA
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Lets do one here!
On New Year’s Day of 2015 , agent:
They have completed mission series - Shard of Colonial period Hong Kong. Hong Kong hong kong has been a colony to Great Britain for over 150 years since 1841. Althouht the British hand over Hong Kong to China in 1997, 90% of Hong Kong citizen want to stay to be a colony of Great Britain.
Therefore ,@GreenBayPackers and @LonelyWalIE submitted a mission series - Shard of Colonial period Hong Kong, to find British heritage in Hong Kong downtown area. Agents travel through in city for pick up our colonial memories. 5:29 walking time / 31091 steps / 20.3 km / 18 missions for our calling.
#BritishHongKong #HongKong
+Calvin Chan +Winson Ho +Kevin Sham +wyman wong +聰Agent +Alex K +Lam Hei +Hin Ss +約拿 +Vincent Tse +Tommy Lam +Andrew Wu  +SHING Gleion 
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+Hulong Transglobal wishes Catherine Fan a complete and rapid recovery. Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love. Beginning shortly, all Ingress Agents will earn double AP on both Link and Field creation for the following week.
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