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Wanna Rp ?
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Jack goes into the underground tunnels to search for a hidden secret that was buried years ago but that stopped when he came to a door that required a special key Damn it starts heading back when he hears noises
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How has everyone been?

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Joseph Thatcher




Armor Piercing Crossbow
Large dagger

Thick Leather Armor with Steel armor on top of that, and of course. His quiver.

6,9 , Muscular , Long blonde hair and Strong jaw.

Vampire Slayer

Has a soft spot for female Vampires...






Joseph is a handsome , cunning, hopeless romantic , he can be cocky and full of himself at times and that usually ends up with him in some serious trouble he laughs. He's heard about this area where this disease (as his grandfather would call you) has its roots in. He intents to stop it. His Father and his Father before him has always been a Vampire Hunter. It runs in the Thatcher family name.

Smooth Talker, Expert at Marksman and hand to hand Combat

Comes for the ancient mountain realm of the humans called Valenthia. He lives in a small camp to himself, out of sight in the vampire forest.


Hey quick question... Could I join this RP as a Vampire Hunter? I might possibly become a vampire later most likely not though.. I would have a small camp out in the woods..

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Name: Bane
Species: Vampire/Demon
Likes: Sparing, black, and video games
Dislikes:Jerks and lairs
Siblings: None
Bio: A vampire bit me to save my life and took me to a friendly demon mother and was taken care of, shortly afterwards hunters killed the family except me and my friend, an escape plan that failed made her give me her blood making me stronger and turning me part demon.
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I um just want to let n you know my characters since this is a roleplay thing...

Name: kate Gosselin
Age: 13 (vampire years= 1300 i think)
Species: vampire
Likes: everything
Dislikes: being mean, being harsh, being alone
Siblings: her older brothers

Name: kyro gosselin
Age: 16 (1600 in vampire years)
Species: vampire
Likes: protecting his sister, being nice
Dislikes: bright colors, his sister being hurt, the sun
Siblings: his older brother and younger sister
(white hair)

Name: leon gosselin
Age: 19 (1900 vampire years)
Species: vampire
Likes: being in control, keeping his family safe
Dislikes: not being in control, his family being hurt
Siblings: his younger brother and sister
(black hair)
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Anyone wanna rp

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"For centuries the Forresters have been loyal bannerman to House Stark: A house of traitors. You rely on your ironwood, that much is clear. It'd be a shame to see it fall into the hands of another house." 

Name: Jacob De La Serre 

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Eye colour: Left Eye Blue and the right eye is Red

Hair colour: Blue

Height: 5'2" 

Weight: 44.0 kg (97 lbs) 

Species Human

Semblance: Shadow 

Weapons: Throwing knifes and a Bow

Likes: Reading,Drawing and quiet 

Dislikes: Idiots,dogs 

Kingdom your from: House Forrester

Family: Older sister

Appearance: First picture

Name: Elise De La Serre 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Eye colour: Blue eyes

Hair colour: Black

Height: 6"1

Weight: 44.0 kg (97 lbs) 

Species Human

Semblance: Speed

Weapons: A sword/Shotgun

Likes: Reading,Drawing,quiet and strawberry sunrises  

Dislikes: The white fang and being told what to do

Kingdom your from: House Forrester

 Family: Younger brother Jacob  De La Serre 

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