Does anyone currently use Asana offline on a Chromebook and is the app any good?

I'm not quite a newbie to Asana but I need to work offline quite often and wondered if it is worth splashing out on an upgraded chromebook to allow me to use Asana as a Google Play store app on it. I'm looking at the Samsung Chromebook Plus (currently ASUS C201PA - which I love) but don't want to splash out if the app doesn't work.

Just wanting some advice.



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You guys should move to, it is more active there and Asana is answering :)
Asana Community
Asana Community

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Dear Asana Community Members,

Greetings from Suresh! Co-founder and CEO of Apiclo Inc.

After using multiple products for collaboration and seeing a huge gap, we have developed Apiclo to solve the pain point. Its beautiful, easy to collaborate and also has custom work flow tailored to your companies. More than anything you guys have a team to happily hear you and work closely with you towards building a great product that you are happy to use.

You can Manage Projects, People, Tasks, Expenses, Invoices, Leave etc

You can signup for the closed beta which will be available soon.

Looking forward to your interest, what you are missing in asana, your feedback and feature request if any. You can always write to me
Apiclo - web
Apiclo - web

Is it possible to see a list of existing tags?
I woud like to find a way how can i easy assign existing tags to a task

Many thx

I like the 'Boards' in Asana.

But how can I get an overview of my Borads?

Manx Thx

I cant see the "Board" meny on the top. How to activate the Kerban function?

I'm curious to get feedback on a feature request.

Fuzzy due dates!

Instead of choosing a specific day, you'd choose "Within the next week" or "Within the next Month," etc. Asana would assign a due date within the time period that had the least amount of tasks. This allows you to evenly distribute tasks over the time period rather than having them pile up on certain days.

What do you think?

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Is there a work around to set/enable a device alarm (web or mobile) or an SMS notification specifically set at a task's Due Time?

Thanks for any help on this.
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