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Alright, new category is......
Crazy Colors!
Okay, this means you can put on a bunch of colored items on your horse, or you can use horse with many colored coats, like pintos and appys. You can also do strange colored horses like decorator horses! I want to see how creative you can get, so get out there!
And, the new breed is Morgan
Also, the new cover photo contest is underway!

Is this still a thing?

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My new entry for the crazy colors contest (i delete the last one)

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I know, this picture sucks😑

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Any one interested in making some money? If so I need some models customized. You have to live near the state of Washington or in the state.

1st horse: blood bay with a snip and 2 coronet bands
2nd horse: palomino paint with a blaze and 3stockings
3rd horse: grulla paint with a bald face and no leg markings
4th horse: bay with no body markings but foot rescupltured and ear fixed
5th horse: blue roan with a star and 1 sock
6th horse: black with no markings
7th Horse: flea bitten gray
8th horse: flaxen chestnut with star and 3 socks
9th horse: palomino paint with 4 socks and a medicine hat
10th horse: light brown bay paint with snip and star
11th horse: flaxen chestnut leopard Appaloosa
12th horse: sorrel with 1 stocking and a blaze
13th horse: nothing changed just repainted but same markings and everything (plz I love him he's my baby)
14th horse: same markings and everything but mane resculptured and tail and add a forelock
15th horse: black and white bald faced pinto😀😀😀

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