+Michell Mil thank you for join. Game Night I look forward to working in this group with you and so do my other coleages I hope you will enjoy posting information, videos, images, and anything else, I hope to get to one hundred members by the end of this month, and i hope you will help us get to our goal. Once again thank you for join.

If you need anything about the community or just help you can contact me at coltonjenkins777@gmail.com. Have a nice day.

Just set up a new group call, Game night xbox 360/ xbox one in game night we inform our members and none members about the current cames, updates, consoles and more, people are completely allowed to post what they want as long as it along the lnes of the purpose of the group, you can post info and videos to your heart contents.

Destiny has a new update that will be arriving in April, sadly it has a exclusive mission for the playstation, but it will be alright, just play game and enjoy the night

Its not for sure but xbox lve for the xbox 360 may get shut down like the original xbox
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