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Name:yasmin (yammy)
Dob:may 5
District (1-12) (only if you are a tribute):2
Weapon:gun,bow and arows
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Cora: I nervously wait my turn for the interviews. I really don't like my dress, and keep figiting with it. I look around at the others.

(Open rp (her outfit

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Name: Coralee Marina Dessa
Age: 14
Dob: May 18th
District (1-12) (only if you are a tribute): 4
Capital/tribute/normal/mentor: Tribute
Family: Pearl and John Dessa, parents
Siblings: none
Crush: OPEN
Bf/gf: OPEN
Weapon: Spear, although she can use a bow and arrows if she has to
Abilites: Cora is skilled at fishing. She can make a fishing pole from scratch, and can also lasso fish if she must. She can identify some edible plants, and eat worms in a pinch. She can use a spear fairly well. She is extremely skilled at swimming, and can hold her breath for a long time.

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Name: Gale Hawthorne
Age: 18
DOB: idk, lets go with June 4
District: 12
Capital/normal/mentor/Normal: Normal
Family: Has a mother and three younger siblings
Siblings: Rory, Vick, Posy
Crush: Katniss
GF: none
Weapons: hunting skills, knife, snares, bombs,bow and arrow, fishing, crossbow

I'm going to do Peta tomorrow +Destiny Dollies​ he is mine okay I got a wedding ring from him

Hello! If we could, please promote this community!

Katniss: "prim?.......prim?.....prim where are you?"

Open rp! please im so bored

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Name: Rue summer Roberts (IDK her last name)
Age: 12
Dob: march 8th
District (1-12) (only if you are a tribute): 11
Capital/tribute/normal/mentor: tribute
Family: her mom,dad
Siblings: I think she has brothers and sisters
Crush: none yet
Bf/gf: none
Weapon: gun
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Name: foxface midge rose
Age: 15
Dob: unknown
District (1-12) (only if you are a tribute): 5
Capital/tribute/normal/mentor: tribute
Family: mother or father or both
Siblings: don't know I never saw them
Crush: none
Bf/gf: none
Weapon: pocket knife
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Can I also be foxface if that's her name
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