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Afghanistan 1 nation map

50000 Afghans and Afghan neighbors
30000 Afghans. 20000 Pakistan, Iran , India, Arabs!

50000 Everyone
Top 16000
Middle 16000
South 16000
1000 Blacks inside the new nation
1000 Azara zar Korea, Japan, Vietnam , Chin inside the nation!
Total People 100000
MALES must be 40000
Girls 60000 people
Check it.

All Extra to Australia

Al Tarzi

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Afghan 1 nations map

50000 Afghan s
40000 Afghans. 10000 Afghan friends

50000 Everyone

Afghanistan h= 100000 people total !

Al Tarzi

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Population Growth
50000 Afghan
50000 Everyone
Total 100000 people

Population growth is from Afghanistan
We need one country world map!

Al Tarzi

US and Italin is gay of the wor ld!

My 2 youn g brother drive 200miles each in business with 65 miles and has noise on me so I can not d rive..We want a nuclear bomb on Europe. Russia and U S and Canada and China for making the computer and wa get business..We want the nuclear activity and chemical bombs to end your wrong eyes an d spring skin on ,200 nations made for Christ and by Jesus Chris t

Mr.Xi with wrong eyes you have to get on your knees and on cut your eyes like now to make money. Black with wrong skin you have to burn your body to make so I Christ can see you on tv and laugh at you.

USA sometime sends me a funny Korean men and woman to see for my map! Well they have wroung eyes and we can not use the Chines men and woman!!
The Black woman so was in office was taking her job seriously and I felt that was wrong to burn a human for some strange war on woman..The black woman skin was so dark and was so frietned of her image more than any human or animals I have seen , I felt bad for all man kind and all woman!

Please shut the car buiness.. No more selling a car with 65 miles and 100 miles kilometers..I have heard so many boys and girls have died and I think it is from car accidents.. We do not want to see 65 or 100 miles an hour.

I am AZ !

Just like you at anti Christ. Jesus means everything belongs to Jesus Christ for the new map!

You can hurt my family. The police must use common sence. With 40 years war. They want to kill my brothrr in car accident with money going to Trump! Mr.Trump We will get equal in Bible and Koran Kor that belongs 100% to Afghantian. We need the help of the police..IS gov is sendimy brother car for a water business to make money to help pay out bills!

You are 2001 terrorist IS and terrorist white pale of Rusixa in 1978. We are Koran that built your little white grey eyes cow Moscow home and children is built from since history began..We will be getting a nuclear bomb and chemical bomb all to drop from African to Chin from.200 nation on Moscow and on all until we get the same as Afgha and Iraq and Mexico miles race..

Make sure we develop the map for middle only 50 million miles like they had it for top. Best climate. Putin hate middle and I hate Putin and his race. We will be equal !

So please help us fulfil a great Biblle and Koran in all 200 nations.

Trump is here near California to drop.bomb on me so I can not make a new map and new nation.
If I die or my family dies, make one nation, 2 cities. White only. No black and no Chin.
One nation. Dunya. Language pashto.
1. Afghan Pashto 20000 people.

2. Everyone 20000 people..
We want revenge for 40 years war on Afghan and making a baby from war burns every minute with 2 wroung races Chimes and blacks..We d o not have kids and you made kids from war. You are war criminal in Eu dope u my name. I have one thing Mrs.Chanclor. Black and Cninee knows me personally and I treat them like kijds. Mrs. Chancellor I want your eyes and skin with bombs like Blacks and C hines .You burneks d my rrace and we wand justice.. You bombed Afghan and Iraq and Chinese and black . You are In India and South America and on top in Rusidia the sexually immoral Revelation 22 having a baby from a sinful war and burning the word for a baby ! Mr Pina shake on you. I am not using a pen..

Australia 2000 people blacks and Chinese.

Please shut all cars with their engine. Mr.. Abe I do not ask you favor. Please shut all the cars n the world on the street. Only the the towing companies will be allowed to operate to remove the cars..Cars should not be able to drive.

Mr. Francois for the Bible please stop all car engines and do not let anyone drive because Jesus can not drive. They must have some persian interpreting the Bible and Koran with Italino. Viena which I never respected.
Iran I respect .

The Italiannwill be bombs with all my nuclear and chemical bombs built 2000 years. Of all races. Some kid came to my home..from Italy. I hate pale social criminal who is solicitation for marriage with Afghan woman from the Bible. Mr.ObAMA get me more of their ape one for us. From Rudida to Euope.

I wrote top 25% give that to Muslim only please Cnetral Asia and no Kazast!an Satan Rous. Give it to Syria and Turkey top enough who are kind people!

If top get the map, 1 % We will invite 99% Chimes and blacks with the Europeas m and Rusisian!.I have always hated your race..You have to give us a chance Mrs! Chanclor. The woman that was Hipanic South America a little shorter was fine at the restaurant and I could see her and her family with Afghans..We do not want a people that does not listen but does all be talking at schools
Mrs Chanclor and Trumo and Pina you made your children drill Chine in the billion with believing people from Rev 17 a prostitute war on youe race in WW2 and then you tried to repeat so on Afghans. You have 60 nations at the top and 33 nations in the south. Why can you like men against Chin and blacks with violence and all universe nuclear bombs to end all bombs on Chinese and Blacks weoung human racss. We will have 0 Chimes and 0 blacks 2 minus race who with USA and Russia used 50 million to make children born as yellow hair prostitute . The real prostitute is Chinese wroung eyes for men and woman..

If you are wroung human image for men and woman as race, and individual you are prostitute person . The Chinese 2 billion are minus eyes and wroung races. The Chinese girls and boys are prostitutes all days she used tricks to say hi and be in our world. The Chinese are prostitute men and woman by Bible and all religion because they have wrounng eyes and hurt The human race and animals with every baby. And they have 2 billion. This is truth.
The Black man and woman are 100% prostitute because both have very dark skin that causes fear and they still make babies by Bible and The idea to make child with a different wroung human apperance. Black wants to erase the white human race and we can not let them. The Chinese wants to erase the borrow eyes for human and we can not let them. This is truth.
Black color for men and woman. and Yellow hair man for only the men.

It is like My talking. Maybe they do not let anyone white talk.

My American teachers half Frnch and half Iflain and some US , did not let me say one word as the most intelligent person in the school since the beegoning. For 2000 years these sick bastard race from Euroepa and Russia and US and Itlaly orphans with no mom and no dad from .WW2 with 50 million dead took their anger on Afghan and Iraq and Syria and Egypt my color and did not let me say one word at school. You know the school h l my name O o my eyes for the palnet.

Can we please make some changes around the world!

The Cross has to have peace and will not allow a 65 miles or 100 miles an hour.

AL Tarzi

We have to build human race map for Afghanutan, the first nation in order to have any population growrh. The population of the world has no growth. The human appearance built from war is getting worse. A Alef Allah Afghan pashto is the human image and appearance and it is for white people from Kabul Afghanitan! Our height should be 5 feet to 5 feet 9 inches for 90% and 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet and taller 10%. Girls are only 5 feet 4 average and the current man is taller than woman at 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 5 which is very wroung. And there is Chime ees and Blacks skin and all of this because Us and Russia wanted war on Afghan and make world lol on have crime. We will have 200 nations x 5000 = 1 million to get US and Russia.
USA and Russia u in your name is from Kabul. Canada is named for Kanfhawr and all land in the world belongs to the Afghan people built with Kor Koran.

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Do not use the 2 or 3 nations, 10 nations or 200 nations world map !

The right answer is one nation in the world only!

For Islam use the alphabet start. And the map with right eye..Your right hand on the computer..

2 cities
1. Afghan Pashto 90%. 3.3% top Csntra Asia and others 3!4% middle and South 3!3%

2. Everyone top 10% , 45% middle and 45% South longitude and latude. White race only like the human body.

I may ask for more.German hated Afgha and I hate him and her with alloy heart. He had 1000 years. War. I am not a with any top man or woman today for your strange words and war on Afghan and Iraq.

I wish and I pray only for the map that Russia , US, Europe due to 50 million . Only gets 10% in the second city.
Although I loved my US woman teachers ,you do have no talkng for kids.. I teach to kids and talk and they talk..I teach adults and they talk.

Next time fight ObAMA or Jackson 5 or Chine. I do not know you! Yiuumwillnhave only 10% in the second area. If I make mistake. Use this as the fi nal ans wer.

Al Tarzi


Muslim is this really from Muhaamd?

Where is LI in Muhamad's name?

What does Muhammad name mean? M m m, there is too many men!

Muhammad ham? How come so many people eat ham pork in the world today?

Was the Bible and Koran and history written to have many men and woman messengers and to have a final Paikhomber, for Bibke, Buddah, Jewish and Christian religions? Yes.

We also need it equal. More work in religions from men and woman! I think it not acceptable to have priest, rabbai and Mullah all men. I would rather see 50% men and 50% woman with every work in the religion field. I like to see marriage handled by woman equal to man. I like to see more woman at the religious jobs in Church , Masjid, and Buddah places. If we have any questions with relgions, please have man and woman exactly equal in numbers with population, how many in a family, how many men and woman in country, how Many man and woman at work and at school!
Bible Quran spells equal and I believe this is referring to men and woman in the future to be equal in everything. For example : if is very important to have exact count of the current population with 1 million people ! We need 500000 men and 500000 women in the world!

Oxygen an Afghan and English word with g is for girls. Would you rather have 10 woman in small area breathing or 10 males breathing? My guess is 10 females breathing in small area may be more healthy.
Yo need man to breath and woman to breath for oxygen and carbon dioxide because it takes breath in and breath out.
Example the President of the world has 180 or so men and less than 20 woman. I am guessing from the President names on TV and internet. We need 100 men and 100 women presidents forever which will change the world positvely!
We should have woman with pregnancy and children and he moms and that is the only difference that we can not let men have chikdren! With technolgy, man having children is possible and we should never do that because all animals will change ! The universe children and pregnancy by females will be wroung if man had children.
Unfortunately, we have some wroung religions beliefs right now which makes female and men burn squall or have equal illness but it affects the world more because she has pregnancy to deal with and make sure it is right. For example cigarite, tobaco, alchohal, pork , having a dogs and racial childre are all had for you and cause serious illness and are against reigiona! Woman has had equal number of dogs, alchohal, cigarette and interracial children as men. Man can not have the same health problems as woman does from cigarette ,alchohal, racial child and dogs. Woman has more health issues because she has to have kids and w doing religion the man gave her cause the family to have major problems. Interracial child affects woman more because that is her organs! Cigarette and alcohol affects the planet more from females because the planet does not function when female has been misguided with the wrong religions by mankind.

World globe is woman and man as long as the number of men and woman are equal with population and things like a job, President. Walking outdoors, religions work! How tall some is!
The population of men and woman today is made backwards and that is why woman has long hair on her back side.
Mwah is average 5 feet 7 to 5 10 ! many men are 6 feet 3 inches. Woman are 5 ,2 to 5 feet 4 or 5 feet 5 inches and that is like a bad planet hate towards our human specids.
We need men at 5 feet 7 inches and woman at 5 feet 7 inches. If man is 5 feet 3 when the same height per cent 5 feet 3 for woman. Thww height affects walking.

We should not be very tall. Man and woman are both getting too tall! I believe the best heights should be 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 10 inches for men and woman 80%. And 5 feet to 5 feet 6 should be 10%. 5 feet to 6 feet maximum 10% all men and woman equal!
We can have small numbers like 250 close to 5 feet and call it 5 feet but not shorter than 5 feet because th at looks wrong in the human population for men and wowmn!
We should not have over 6 feet and at the most have 250 people taller than 6 feet. It is is like circus to have over 6 feet tall and in my opinion with a big 10% or 15% or 25% , the over 6 feet tall man and woman looks wrong my in the human population. The human should not have shorter than 5 feet or taller than 6 feet!

The future heights should be 5 feet shortest and 6 feet tallest. Check it. We can look picture other animals ! It would not make sense to have bird or boards or cheetah to be bigger many different sizes.

Muhammad does not have an I in his name which is very importanr!

Could Muhamad bring Jewsih Buddhist , Muslim and Christian together ?

Why does the word paikhomber has 10 letters and b? The clue is in the letter b.

Bible Buddah Paikhomber Arabia has b for 2 nd millennium start A b, Alef bae!

Abdelillah Tarzi

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One nation. This is human image and color! I O O see with your own eyes!
Do not change this color.

This is the race we need for new contry. Afghan pashto 90% and 10% others..

20000 Afghan to 30000 Afghan only would be fine. If Jesus does not win, we will have no country for anyone of us. Please make the new map for May or June 2018.
Al Tarzi
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We need one Afghan world with human race only!

Afghan pashto one city 90% ! We only need 3.3%top, ,3!3% middle and 3!4% South

With these picture of Afghan woman, 90% must be Afghan pashto.

City 2 head 20% middle East and others Central Asia 40% and South India Islands and South America 40%
I do not like Afghan crash men so no foreigner . I like all Afghan 2 city surprise us!

I hope I never yell again.

Al Tarzi
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I li is the 200 nations to Build one land.

The European is here in US and Canada and Russia with my name and my Quran and Bib le..these nations do not b sling to you
Please make one land att ached. Th e picture I drew here is best.We

A l Tarz I
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