I'm looking for a baby parakeet & Cockatiel. I've had both in past years.
I am disabled and at home ea day. I also have a 9 lb Yorkie rescue.
Thanks from Indiana!

I want to see more birds up for adopting 

After years of abuse I have rescued a green cheeked conure from a friend. I will keep her until someone can take her full time. She is about 16 years old, beautiful, but bits. She has become wild from being kept in her cage and not played with or loved. I'd like to find someone or someplace willing to take her to live out the remainder of her life. She deserves at least this! I will hold onto her till then, but because of my travels and responsibilities can't take her on as my forever pet. I care about her and want to see her homed.
Thanks... my email is: forthebirds17@yahoo.com

I am new to this group. And I am writing because I feel it would be ethically wrong not to. Please be wary of people eager for a free bird, for the bird's sake and your peace of mind. Please be careful about the person to whom you entrust your birds. Some are adopting, then selling for profit. This is not new info, however, sometimes we may not have it in mind as we talk with people we don't know. We want to believe people's intentions are good and honorable.

Here is what my daughter and I experienced yesterday and why I am writing. It involved Joyce Harrington who has posted on this group in the past looking for birds to adopt.

My daughter volunteers at Seymour's Bird Refuge in Maine. She has become quite knowledgeable about parrots and other exotic birds as a result. She has been rehabilitating two cockatiels and a parakeet in our home, as well. We have a very clean, healthy environment for our pets. And she plans to become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in the future. We are connected with a vet.

She wants very much to have a macaw join her other three birds. In, fact, we drove to Palmyra, Maine yesterday to pick up Mia, a blue and gold macaw, from Joyce Harrington. A 4 hour drive round-trip.

We arrived at the house and Joyce answered the door. I stepped inside at her invitation and Joyce told me she had sold Mia to someone else. She needed the money, she said. While inside, I observed that Joyce does not have a clean home. In fact, it smelled of animal urine. She does not have a bird sanctuary as she has claimed in older posts in this group. In fact, the birds I saw there were in cages in a very close and dark space.

My daughter's heart was broken. She had prepared a space for Mia, had the equipment ready, and had excitedly shared with her friends and teachers about the bird she was going to pick up. The disappointment is great, however, the realization that someone might not be honest about their motives involving birds struck her (and me) very deeply.

She understands first hand now that there are people who take advantage of birds for their personal gain without regard for the birds and their former owners. There are valid reasons Seymour's Bird Refuge inspects homes of people who want to adopt a bird.

My daughter and I have also discussed how animals, birds, reptiles, etc. are mistreated and trafficked in a variety of different ways, as well as how to actively work to stop that from continuing.
And how important it can be to listen between the lines when you are speaking with others.

So, again, I hope you can carefully screen the people who are adopting your birds, for the birds' sake and for your peace of mind. We owe it to these beautiful and vulnerable creatures.

I have a 5 year old African Grey coming from a neglectful owner - was almost completely bald before coming into our home. He has improved a lot since being here, but my husband and I are farmers and take care of 100s of other animals and sadly we don't have the time or knowledge to devote to rehabilitating this sweet bird. We are in Arkansas and would like to re-home him as soon as possible. Will also provide all the food and toys and cages we have - all free - to a good, loving home and/or to someone who has experience with rehabilitating and rehoming a bird like this. Thank you. 

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I need to find a loving and safe new home for my 3 year old green cheeked conure, Yoshi. He is a very feisty little fellow and can be nippy when he is aggravated, but he can also be very loving. He loves having his cheeks rubbed and cuddling in your hair (or men's beards lol).
My daughter's father left me suddenly this past year and so I can no longer support all of my pets financially. Most importantly, I cannot give Yoshi the attention and time that I could before. He is a good bird and I will be very particular about where he goes. No breeders! I will have to meet you in person and visit any new perspective homes. Please message or email me for details. Serious inquiries only. 

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I am an avian vet endorsed bird sitter in Manhattan. If you need the best, loving care for your bird while you go away on vacation or for any reason at all, contact me. Over 20 years experience. References upon request. 646-549-0721 mharris074@gmail.com
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