I have 2 male parakeets for adoption. I can no longer take good care of them. I live in NC in the Triangle area. Thank you!

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I have 2 parakeets that I need to rehome. They will come with a very large cage and food. I live in Georgia. You can email me @ catcatkitcat@yahoo.com or text 404.512.4155
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I am looking to adopt a moloccan cockatoo. Or any cockatoo. I had a military macaw that died two years ago. The grief. It was too much to consider being another bird in at the time but when I found myself sitting in a pet store in front of the caged birds playing with them on the opposite side of the glass I realized it was time to start looking again. I so miss my Nikki and always will but I need a new bird to share my life with.

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We are all busy these days and I know it's hard to meet all the demands in your life. But, it's time for a breather. Take an some time with each of your feathered kids and give them the royal treatment. I know some of you out there have multiple birds, so it doesn't have to be all the parrots in the same day! Get into the habit of doing at least a short version of this regularly. Your parrots will thank you!
read more: https://www.oychipets.tk/2018/07/5-ways-to-pamper-your-parrot.html

Would like to adopt a bird my patot past lately I have traind d dogs and horses most of my youth everyone said woody acted like a dog he had his cage but the door was never closed

I have a double yellow head parrot, angel is 35 yrs old, i am looking for an african grey, i had one years ago and would love to have another one, i live in texas.

I lost my white capped piones 3 months ago and am so lost without her. I rescued her from a meth house. I don't know her age so her passing was a surprise. I didn't realize how much she was a part of my everyday life. I am so lonely now,I have all the time in the world to give and no feathered friend to share it with. If you've got a baby that is in some way needing a home,I'm here. No dogs no smoking,drunk or drugs. Thank you for reading

Hello Fellow bird lovers
I live in south Florida and I am willing to take in
any Bird which needs a loving Home message me if you
need a Good loving caring Home for your Feathered Friend
I also would Babysit your precious Feathered Baby if in need of
going away be it Business,vacation,or just a get away small fee
required for the care of your baby

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This is Kyler! He is about 5 years old and loves to spend time with people. Kyler is a beautiful jenday conure. He knows a few words, such as 'night night' and 'step up'. He likes to dance, get massages, and sit on your shoulder while you walk around or just watch TV. The only reason I need to find him a new home is that I'm moving cross country and can't take him with. I have a cage, toys, and a few weeks of food to get you started. Contact me now if you're ready to have a new friend!

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This is Marley, he is about 9 years old, and has been living with me since he was 6 months old. I have recently accepted a new position with my company and am traveling 3-5 days a week. I do live with my boyfriend, and he has been trying his best to give Marley the love that he deserves, however Marley is giving some attitude back about it. He is so sweet, and so loving and he deserves the freedom, playtime and love that he deserves. With this, I have decided the best thing to do for him is to re-home in. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and his cagr and toys are included. I am not asking for a price.
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