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~General rules~

1. Do not steal anybody's art. You will only get 1 warning for this. If you steal art for a 2nd time, you will be banned immediately. No second chances, no excuses.

2. Do not be rude towards other people's species. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.

3. No pornagraphic content in this community please. We want to keep this place PG!

4. No trolls please. Do not antagonize people for the fun of it.

5. Be respectful to everybody including yourself.

6. If you see an art thief, please mention a mod. We will deal with it. This applies to any and all rule breaking.

7. Please don't ask to be a mod. It's annoying. It makes you less likely to be a mod.

8. Try not to spam the community with your adopts! We want to see other people's adopts too!

9. Post everything in the correct category otherwise, it will be removed or moved.

10. No spam. Spam will be removed immediately. You only get three warnings!

11. You may use bases/lineart, but please take your time with them, and if you can, please link to the base/lineart creator.

12. Do not post pictures asking for likes, reshares or comments.

13. Do not delete comments.

14. No character creator adopts. (Pony creator, Sonic character creator, etc)

15. Send the points within 24 hours, if you don't, you don't get the OC.

16. If you don't get an you want, don't complain and try to guilt trip.

17. You must have owned the OC for at least a week before selling it.

18. Please do not ignore or block mods. You will be banned.

19. Do not reshare banned members adopts. Your post will be removed and you will have a warning.

20. If you're going sell an adopt a certain way, keep it that way. For example, if it's set price, keep it set price and don't change it just because somebody offered higher. Same with auctions, keep AB auto buy.

21. If you've already accepted somebody's offer and they've sent the points, don't send the points back and accept somebody's else's offer. It's rude and unfair.

22. Don't complain about prices.

23. No advertising communities.

24. Do not be rude towards people’s designs. For example, do not call an OC mary sue, edgy, etc. OCs are meant to be fun and they’re meant to allow people to be creative.

25. Do not sell co-ownership. You're only allowed to sell full ownership of an oc.

26. This may be an off-brand species community, but you can't use other people's species ref sheets. That's still art theft.

27. If you don't like off-brands, stay out of this community.

28. You may sell your adopts for cash or points.

29. All we ask is that you at least credit the species you made your off brand species off.

30. Do not post adopts that use official closed species names. Off-Brands are not counterfeits.

31. I know these are off-brands, but at least try to put some originality into the species designs. And at least try to make them somewhat different.

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