Just realized Hollowpoint is "John Wick, The Game". Just saying.

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Yesterday it was Hollowpoint's initiation in "La librairie du Manoir" (Montpellier, South of France).
The players choosed my "Dusty Devils"'s setting. They played Pinkertons hunting a fugitive in 1880's Kansas.

We had a ancient slave turned in a bloody killer, a Mexican gambler with a smooth mouth, a young thief with only 3 fingers in the right hand and a norvegian "doctor" (he said he have a Dentist's degree).

Favorite quotes from the game:
"- He's beating this man to death!?!
- Well... No, He's beating him to coma. That's different."

"- Killing a man with feets... That's not hygienic"

"- Let's play our lives with poker" (surrounded by a gang, provoking the leader... and win! 8) )

The Mexican to the indian Chief: "We have the same colour! Well.. Except the Mustache"

Surrounded by degenerated cannibals: "You think you're monsters! I AM THE MONSTER!"

It was a very cool party. ;)
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In the Hollowpoint (in Spanish) game I mastered yesterday evening, three Agents from the ultrasecret United Nations branch against Bioweapons were instructed to grab the only existing sample of the deadly Virus T from an unknown abandoned warehouse from Umbrella Corporation, "before something happens".

They were Agent Barney Ross (The Expendables), Agent John Cena (SmackDown) and Agent Jack Bauer (24).

They investigated a bit and found the coordinates of a bandits settlement in Sahara desert, in Chott el Djerid, Tunisia (Star Wars, anyone?). They went there and found the bandits patrolling in Toyota pickups with mounted machineguns, and they went all in. It was easy, and they easily terrified the bandits and discovered a tent in the middle of the settlement, with an underground entrance to a hidden Afrika Korps undergraound warehouse. They entered and inside they found a high-tech sealed door. While they were trying to open it some mercs arrived in helicopters and opened fire against them. They were successful in repelling the attack but not in opening the door in time, so they failed the mission.

Back in the office, they were informed that the Virus T sample was now on a freighter across the Atlantic. They reached the ship in a fast submarine and boarded it. The three agents started investigating and converged (after killing some distractions, ejem, guards, in which Agent Barney Ross used his kevlar bomb-squad suit he had under his diving suit) in a specific container. They opened it and inside they found that there were several containers soldered together forming a quite big office, with a cristal room inside. Mr. Smith (Umbrella Corporation owner, President and CEO) welcomed them and remained quite Cool while the office door closed and some grunts opened fire.

Agent Barney Ross served himself a Gin Tonic and used his lucky magazine, Agent Jack Bauer tried (and failed) to use his radiocontrol minicopter and Agent John Cena used his lockpicks against the cristal room. In the turmoil, they killed Mr. Smith and escaped with the Virus T sample, jumping from the ship to be just in time catched by three Harrier planes, which left them in a carrier, where they grab an helicopter to Base Andrews.

In Andrews they somehow detected something was wrong and run for coverage, while all available Umbrella Corp forces had seized the base and were awaiting them. Agent John Cena used an explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and they managed to kill all the enemies, but Agent John Cena was bleeding out and said goodbye.

The remaining agents gave the sample to the Branch and saw how it were securely destroyed, in a specially sealed camera.

But that was not all. More to come.

Agent John Cena was substituted by Operative Triple H (WWE), and a new Agent joined the team, Superagent 86.

The Branch informed the team that after the sample was destroyed, they need to dispose of the factory. Nobody knows about where the factory is, and nobody in the Branch knows about who knows about the factory, but Mr. Lee, from Hong Kong, may have that specific piece of information. Mr. Lee is well known for playing hard in the Hong Kong Casino.

The team went to the Casino in limousine, smoking under a parachute suite, and similar impacting means, and entered through the main door. They asked for Mr. Lee table and they were asked if they could afford it, "a million Hong Kong dollars per hand". Agent Triple H got a wad of cash from his smoking and said "Enough?". They were promply conducted to Mr. Lee table while they were informed that he was not only a big stakes player, but also the Casino owner (and half Hong Kong owner too). Maybe not the best place to start killing left and right.

The team sat in the table and they discovered the game was baccarat. Superagent 86 started to play Cool with the help of Jack Bauer counting cards while Operative Triple H started trying to conceive the croupier with the help of Barney Ross. Mr. Lee was quite Cool, but the high stakes of Superagent 86 left him surpassed and Mr. Lee acknowledged defeat. He invited Superagent 86 and his mates to his private office, accompanied by a small woman and a big man, and once there he closed the door, started serving the drinks (personally!) asked them why they were there, as they "obviously were not there for the money". Triple H asked about the factory and Mr. Lee told them that the only person who might know is Pamela Chu. "My secretary will give you her current address", he said, and a small woman left the room.

Then some chit-chat started among them, and after the drinks the team left the casino. At the main door the small woman gave Superagent 86 a portfolio. While they were leaving in a super-limousine they opened the portfolio and inside there were two envelopes. One had a check for the total amount of the earnings, and the other just a name and an adress:

Chu, Pamela
Villa Ferrari, Castro d'alto, Padania, Italy

The team flight to Italy but did not went directly to Villa Ferrary, since Ms. Chu could have been warned by Mr. Lee, so they went to Castro d'alto and started asking to the locals and investigating. Superagent 86 made friendship with the Mayor who confirmed that Villa Ferrari belongs to Pamela, and Jack Bauer discovered some receipts of the house being paid by Umbrella Corporation and the blueprints of the house.

So they went to the house. Agent Superagent 86 tried to infiltrate as gardner while Operative Triple H and Agent Jack Bauer attacked the house. Agent Barney Ross were in the back side trying to locate Ms. Chu through the windows, to avoid killing her. They all succeded, all defenses felt down and Ms. Chu were located inside the panic room in the center of the house.

Triple H started trying to hack the panic room to open it, while Jack Bauer and Barney Ross started trying to terrify Pamela with a gas escape inside the room and Superagent 86 to conceal as a help sent for her in a different radio channel, while some military helicopters and trucks started to vomit people with uniforms seemingly like those of the ex-soviet republics but no flags at all. The agents succeeded in killing them all when Jack Bauer used his Influence Call and ordered an Apache helicopter to fly there, while Triple H tried to open the panic room (and failed) by using his Axe, but opened it by hitting the eye reader with his Swab. Pamela surrendered and told them that the factory was an old sovietic factory in southern Chichistan, near Vodkaskaya.

The team went to Vodkaskaya and in the town went surrounded by guerrillas, and a testosterone competition started to be the coolest among the guerrillas leader and Superagent 86, with Jack Bauer supporting him by just shooting in the face without a word the first guerrillas grunt that approached him. But Agent Barney Ross was a bit tired of so much "I have it longer than yours" and started killing everybody around. They eventually succeded after some "fuck you" among them and getting for the Branch resources, and then just demolished the factory, unopposed.

Hi all
I have Hollowpoint in spanish and I'll master my first game tomorrow.
Wish me luck.

I have a plan to run one shots of Psi*run and Hollowpoint back to back with the same scenario - one game you play the runners, then the other you play the chasers for a different set of runners. The games seem really logically paired to me.

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Somebody please make a scenario out of this, please!
Old piece playing with bits and bobs from my sketch book.

Does anyone have a good writeup of turns that don't include KILLing? I'm sort of curious how a game focused more on hacking/investigating/stalking/whatever would play out.

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Gonzo Quotes of the night: "The neural processors were in the kneecaps." "You're not going to be riding me at any point in this mission." "The dragon that is commanded by sexy suits."
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No one in this game is innocent.

You're an Operative.  No one ever messes with you, because you are that far above the common herd of men that sleepwalk through their lives.  You get things done, and that usually means blood.  Or pain.  Or, when you are feeling generous, death.

Inspired by every ultraviolent action movie you've ever seen, Hollowpoint is about being that good at something that bad.  Make no mistake: you will be a very, very bad person.

From the VSCA comes a new pick-up game where death is expected.
To play you'll need pencils and paper, a whole mess of six-sided dice, and maybe a first aid kit.

Things To Bring
• Toe tags and body bags
• Imagination

As with all our games, No Experience Necessary!

Reality Deviants.  Or "Mages" as they call themselves.  Dragons and creatures from other dimensions.  Only you and your allies in the other Conventions of the Technocratic Union can work on the Front Lines and save the rest of humanity from these scourges.

Consider, though, the horrors of a world truly without enforced boundaries. Imagine, if you will, a freeway without speed limits – the high-octane chaos of metal and momentum. Wouldn’t you want a police officer to pull over that reckless driver who’s speeding in the wrong direction, weaving in and out of traffic and probably headed straight toward you? And what would happen if a driver’s license weren’t required… or insurance… or knowledge of the law? Human nature demands authority, both to comfort its hurts and to control its extremes.

Always remember the Precepts of Damian.

"Chaotic individuals who open gateways with impunity threaten the stability of our world.  Destroy Reality Deviants.  Shepherd the Masses; protect them from themselves and from others."

OK.  Now you're ready to kick some ass.
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