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Gym towels aqua towel magic coin compressed towel disposable wet towel 500 pcs korea,

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Hola buenas noche para tod@s aquí les traigo una rutina para abdomen espero la hagas y le saques el máximo provecho.

Feliz noche para tod@s

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Hola a tod@s espero que hayan tenido un excelente fin de semana.
Aquí una idea de "Rutina crossfit en casa" que puedes incluir en tus wod de esta semana.
Espero la disfrutes y le saque el 100%  

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Hola y saludos para tod@s.
Aquí otra idea de como tener una buena alimentación, espero les sea de su agrado. 

Feliz Día para tod@s

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Conoce los beneficios de beber agua alcalina para tu cuerpo y beneficia de ello.

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Iron Joe Kickboxing App

IRON JOE™ is a kickboxing cardio workout program designed to achieve top health and fitness results. Each exercise session is composed of strikes and a combination of both punches and kicks. Unlike other workout programs no two IRON JOE™ exercise sessions are ever the same because each IRON JOE™ workout session is generated by a randomizer.

There are three Skill Levels in IRON JOE™ : Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. The difference between each level is the time between each strike and complexity for each of the combinations. Additionally, each punch and kick produces a “timing strike indicator” to enhance the workout session. The higher the Skill Level the more intense the workout!

IRON JOE™ Instructions:
1. Select Skill Level 
2. Set duration of workout 
3. Begin
Two, Three, or Four (Punch): A series of punches thrown rapidly in succession, alternating each hand with every punch.
Jab (Punch): A quick, straight punch thrown with the lead hand from the guard position.
Right Straight (Punch): A powerful, straight punch thrown with the rear hand, crossing the body and traveling towards the target in a straight line.
Hook (Punch): A semi-circular punch thrown with the lead hand to the side of the opponent's head.
Uppercut (Punch): A vertical, rising punch thrown with the rear hand.
Body Shot (Punch): A blow to the opponent’s mid-section with either hand.
KICKS: Each command to kick is generic which allows the user to react and strike at his/her own skill level.
Combinations: There are multiple combinations of punches and both kicks and punches during each IRON JOE™ workout session.
Iron Joe Kickboxing Youtube Homepage

Expert Level Demonstration: 

More demonstration videos: 
Beginner Level Demonstration: 
Iron Joe's Kickboxing Boxing Workout (Beginner Level)

Shadow boxing: 
Shadow Boxing

Sparring partner: 
Sparring warmup

Program review: 
Heavy Bag Workout (Iron Joe Kickboxing Review)

FIX for Samsung Galaxy Screen Timeout: 
Samsung has a known screen time out problem (limited to 10 minutes). Downloading and configuring the "Stay Alive!" App which is FREE will prevent the screen timing out on your Samsung Galaxy. There is a video tutorial on the Google Play site and also a video at this link below which explains how the app works: 
Stay Alive! Keep screen awake - App Review [Android]
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