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Name Emerald Green
Age : three hundred years
Powers: forest all languages
Jack frost is my brother.

Emerald Green
Age: forest years, three hundred
Powers: growing, speaking every language

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Name: Winter frost
Age: 11
Likes: Snow ,ice skating
Dislikes: To much fire
Powers: snow and ice
Parents: Elsa and Jake frost
Bio: She's just like her mom she's scared to hurt people because of her powers but she can't quite control it. She used to be a happy girl she played with her dad and loved playing in snow one day when she and her cousin were playing (Anna's daughter) she hit her with her ice powers ever since that day she didn't get out of her room.
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Name: Annie
Age : 11
Loves : Building snowmen
Gender : Female

Name :Elsa of Arendelle
Powers: snow,frost,ice,
Gender: female
Cold never bothers me I was born in Arendelle with my sis Anna I'm of the royal family and I am formally know as queen Elsa and I love snow flakes of any kind I love my family and I am good with people

Hi everyone
It's Princess Anna!!!!!
I just joined my sis told me (Elsa)

While Elsa was in her room all day, she could have been playing with her powers. Most likely building snow men, covering her room in ice and just trying to have a little bit of fun!

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Age:in Ocean Years!
Likes:Waves(of oceans),quietness and sea animals
Dislikes:The Winter(it is fun but the Ice or Snow gets in the ocean and her family & friends get cold)
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