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For those of you who don't know how to Roleplay:
Bolded italic Sentences are thoughts
Bolded Sentences are actions
((Double parentheses sentences are OOC))
And regular is dialouge. Watch Dogs game is glitched to all fuck. There are missions already playing that I'm not even supposed to see yet, locations are being pin pointed in the wrong places like holy shit. IDK what to do.

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Katy sits on the roof of a building a bagel in my mouth looking at my phone. I was trying to hack into a camera near by. I hear you walk up behind me and I pull out one of my guns and aim at your head without looking at you. I finish my bagel and put my phone away alright name yourself....
(I don't want this community to go dead)

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Who's better
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Aiden pearce

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Name: Kathr..... Katy casket
Gender: female but looks like a guy sometimes
Age: 25
Species: human
Weapons: a butterfly knife, a M8-M, and a MP-412
Hacker level: programmer
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Guys, PLEASE just make a profile. This community started a few days ago, and it's already dead.

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Name: Aiden Pearce
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Human
Weapons: Silenced M1911, MP5SD, Frags
Skills: Can hack anything
Hacker Level: Programmer
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