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New Members:

If you need to know how The Swiftie Olympics works, go to:

This is all the information about the teams. Lots of the teams are closed right now. You can either join an open team now, or wait until there are more teams, or create your own. If you would like to create your own team, please let me know. There are still plenty of people who haven't joined teams yet, so your team should have members eventually, but you will have to wait until next season, fall, to compete.  
Please comment which team you would like to join and I will invite you to it. I can't wait to get started!

Like Starlight for the Red album 
join now and begin next season, starting in winter
Leader: Andie Kim
Marlene Everdeen
Shikha Bhat
Himani Joshi
Shreya Pandey
Swiftie Love <13
Valeria Swiftie

Team Tied Together for the Taylor Swift album
Leader: Anna Grages
Jamie Hsieh
Elizabeth Baez - Hernandez
Amy Cahill
Emily Lowe
Swifties Forever <3
Come Back Be Swiftie
Sylvi Stoller

Team Style for the 1989 album
Leader: Swiftie Universe and Jada Swiftie 13
Aryn Madelyn
Paige G.
Swiftie Thirteen
Audrey Cui
Jada Sandvall
We Love Taylor!!!
Gevante Lewis
Paris Ye
We Love Taylor!!!
merian kurian

Team Haunted for  the Speak Now album
Leader: Sarah Ooi 
Aarushi Elgort
Taylor Swifties
Rhiannon the Tiny Swiftie
Fiorina Dimayuga
Alice Chen
Ivy Lenore
Starlit Swiftie
Taylor Swift Fan Page

Team Speak Now for the Speak Now album
Leader: Swiftie Curls <13
Sruthi Yuvaraj
Dej Dej
The Page of Swift-ness
Ashley Ye
Swiftielicious <13
allison ortiz
Ma. Ela Jean Ariaga
kathrene swift

Are any teams open?? +The Swiftie Page 

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This is no joke.
The people saying its fake
Are liars its true

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So I thought I posted about this earlier but I guess I didn't.

Most, if not all, of the people on here are inactive. I see no point in trying to compete in teams when only one or two people are participating. Therefore, we are going to be taking a short break. If people seem to be more active during the summer, I can perform some challenges then. But until that happens, we're officially on a break.

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Hey guys, I'm a new member. Are there any teams I can join? My preference would be Red or Tied Together With a Smile because I love those songs. 
This is an edit I just made :)

Challenge #2
Due by March 13, 2015

This challenge is almost identical to the second challenge of the last season. You will be making a video of sorts. Pick a song from any of her albums, and make a video for it.

It could be a lyric video, a video of team member holding up lyric cards, each of the team members singing a part of the song, etc. Really, it's up to you guys as a team.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. When you're done with your video, either pp me the link, or tag me in a post in your private community. Have fun!

I have not received submissions from any team other than Team TTWAS. If you're answers are collected in one place, tag me in the post. I also have access to all the private communities now, so you can tag me in there.
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