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This is no joke.
The people saying its fake
Are liars its true

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So I thought I posted about this earlier but I guess I didn't.

Most, if not all, of the people on here are inactive. I see no point in trying to compete in teams when only one or two people are participating. Therefore, we are going to be taking a short break. If people seem to be more active during the summer, I can perform some challenges then. But until that happens, we're officially on a break.

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Hey guys, I'm a new member. Are there any teams I can join? My preference would be Red or Tied Together With a Smile because I love those songs. 
This is an edit I just made :)

Challenge #2
Due by March 13, 2015

This challenge is almost identical to the second challenge of the last season. You will be making a video of sorts. Pick a song from any of her albums, and make a video for it.

It could be a lyric video, a video of team member holding up lyric cards, each of the team members singing a part of the song, etc. Really, it's up to you guys as a team.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. When you're done with your video, either pp me the link, or tag me in a post in your private community. Have fun!

I have not received submissions from any team other than Team TTWAS. If you're answers are collected in one place, tag me in the post. I also have access to all the private communities now, so you can tag me in there.

Challenge #1
Due by February 17, 2015

This is your first challenge for the new season, and we're gonna start off easy like last time, with a little trivia.

DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS. Discuss the answers in your team communities, and then make a final post with all your answers, and tag me in it.

Also, please do not search up answers online to these questions. That is why you'll be working as a team and sharing knowledge.

1. What was the release date of Taylor Swift [debut album]?
2. What was the title of the poem Taylor won an award for in 4th grade?
3. How many tour dates were on the RED tour?
4. Name three movies Taylor has been in/voiced in.
5. Name Taylor's cats.
6. Complete the lyric. "Lights flash as we _____"
7. Taylor threw a chair in a previous tour performance. Which song was it for?
8. Who directed the Shake it Off music video?
9. Who played her love interest in the Blank Space music video?
10. Name two people Taylor worked/collaborated with while writing 1989.
11. Name the song that has the secret message "Toby."
12. What was Taylor's debut single?
13. Who was "Fifteen" written about?

Have fun!
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