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Brammam went to a public's house for divine energy healing dharsan on 23.09.2018 at Villupuram, Tamilnadu to destroy sins, karmas and negatives and spread divine energies from the body of brammam as spiritual energies of aura like spiritual multiple orbs and halos emits with divine universe consciousness positive vibrations. Brammam was teach a meditation technic withdiscourse of "Spring in Life " and blessed with divine energy healing dharsan. You see all the photos are having spiritual energy emissions vibrated in the house. It is a proof that if brammam is present any where and the universe enlightened energy emits from the body and circulated at the place with soul live vibrations. The spiritual energies are spreading in the house from the body of brammam as electromagnetic radiation of ultraviolet vibrations like spiritual orbs and halos. It is a evidence of divine energy presence or enlightenment energy emissions where brammam is present with spiritual purity and positive conscious vibrations. Brammam give an opportunity to public, friends and followers who will invites brammam to their house or places for healing dharsan, the same energy emission process will be happened in that place also. if Brammam is in your house or other place and the divine energy movement is spreading from the body of brammam at the place as seen in the photos and others posts. if you wants to take photos in your camera, it will permitted. our motto is to spread the spiritual energies through out the world and people has to understand the spiritual energy emissions and universe enlightenment always emits such energy from the body of brammam and its spiritual activities. Researchers or scientist will come forward for scientific research.

1. Brammam was entering in the public's house who invites.
2. Brammam emits spiritual halo in moving manner appears near the face during the blessings.
3. Brammam emits spiritual halo appears near the head during blessings.
4. Brammam emits spiritual halo energies appears near the body.
5. Brammam blessed the participants and no vibrations in it.
6. Brammam emits spiritual energies spreading in the house as spiritual orbs and halos during divine energy healing..
7 Brammam emits spiritual energies like spiritual orbs and halos during divine energy healing to a family..
8. Brammam emits spiritual halo above the head during divine energy healing to invited family..
9. Brammam emits EM radiation of spiritual halo appears near the body during healing dharsan..
10. Brammam emits spiritual divine halo appears on the top of head at the time of divine healing dharsan.
11. Brammam emits spiritual halo appears near the body during divine healing.
12. Brammam emits spiritual orbs appears above the body with soul energy during healing.
13. Brammam emits spiritual halo appears above the head during healing to sick persons..
14. Brammam emits spiritual halo appears near the head during the time of heard the difficulties of participants.
Please be understand with the above evidences are well proved that the brammam's house divine energy healing dharsan is a spiritual activities of spreading spiritual soul divine energies from the body of brammam where brammam is present like spiritual orbs and halos
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Spiritual game of dying daily daily and daily .
Spiritual game of dying daily daily and daily .

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... #repetitions ~ lock your experiences‘ gantry !
( #Samara )

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Joe Figliano healed himself of a chronic disease, the doctors say can not be cured, by practicing Deliberate Creation principles and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, visualization and faith. Enjoy our powerful conversation about our powers of creation and how, when we find the alignment, anything is Possible.

Watched a documentary the other day about perception and reality. The man goes on to state everything around us is a hallucination as we have preconceived notions about everyday things. Which I could see the point he was making but then he went on to say when we all agree on a hallucination we refer to it as reality, but when we see a uncommon hallucination it's perceived as a mental disorder or unreal in most people's minds. I can't help but feel this is the way all Western Civilization is, we've been told that does and doesn't exist. When you try and talk about spirituality beyond major religions people think you're insane. I just finished reiki 2 and trying to explain energy to most people is like trying to split hairs. We have this closed mind to any idea that would make you explore more into it. Idk about other areas of the United States but in New England most are Christian's and to talk otherwise is just blasphemy to them. That one man could only be the one capable of miracles, who could hear the voices. I'm getting into certain parts of other religions but I as if there's no one else to talk about it with

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Finally a simple way to explain my PTSD

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Soulful Mentoring Sessions - Now Available

I'm excited to launch these 1 to 1 sessions to assist you with connecting to your Soul. Through our Soulful Mentoring Sessions, we will look at what has shaped you into the person you are today. We explore the conditions from Society, Culture, Religion and the Values and Beliefs Passed onto You By You Parents which cause you to feel shackled by your past. Along with that, we will delve deep into your unconscious to reveal Shadow aspects within you that need to be healed in order for you to become whole once more.

We don't give you answers but help you to find answers within yourself!

You can find more information at the link below:

#mentoring #spirituality #inspiration

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100% Responsibility Mantra

Everything I need is within myself.
Love is infinite and unlimited.
I am 100% responsible for my life.
I can have feelings, thoughts, needs and perceptions of reality without guilt or shame. Loving myself is easy. 

-Meredith Miller, Inner Integration
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