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LSDI's - Total Capture Program (TCP) - This Method bridges the gap between offline data and online activities. Harness the power of our CRM onboarding technology; which is the process of matching offline data to an online profile of devices.  "Have Your Campaign Go Viral with TCP"

Re-target the openers of an email campaign for the ultimate experience. Seamlessly integrate, boost your campaigns and stay in front of your qualified target audience. 

Direct to web
Direct to Facebook, Right-hand Column and News Feed ads. 
Direct to mobile app's.

Has a much higher click through rate than the traditional cookie based re-targeting banner ads. The reason we are so much more successful is because we are re-engaging responders directly to their device. Best of all worlds!

UTM tags are created for Goggle Analytics, they are identified as the campaign ID.

This technique is device driven NOT cookie driven!
So no matter what device the user opens your email on, we serve them banner ads direct to their devices.
Strategy with Email Campaigns:

Pre-Engage - Serve banner ads to the entire list before sending the email campaign to encourage engagement. 

Engage - Deploy the email campaign to the same pre-targeted list and truly captivate your audience. 

Re-Engage/ Re-target - by serving banner ads to all of the openers and clickers to re-engage their interest and ultimately increase ROI.
Strategy with Postal list or CRM database:

Pre-Target - Serve banner ads to the entire list before sending the direct mail piece to encourage engagement. 

Target/Engage – Execute the direct mailing to the same pre-targeted list and truly captivate your audience. 

Re-Target/Engage by serving banner ads to the entire list to re-engage their interest and ultimately increase ROI. 

Go viral by adding Facebook and Mobile Apps!

TCP Summary:
TCP is NOT Cookie Driven -
TCP is Device Driven! -
Pre-Targeting -
Targeting & Re-Targeting -
TCP Can NOT be Pixeled...  

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, Please Give me call so I can set up a Consultation and Assessment. This really works unbelievable!  We have been doing this for over 25 years. Have a Great Day!

Take a look around at our Data Card File:  

Rich Palmeri
VP of Sales & Marketing
List Service Direct Inc. 
Toll Free: 800-371-5487

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The Advantages of Direct Marketing
Consumers are inundated with information from the moment they wake up until they go to bed at night.  Radio ads, television commercials, ads in newspapers and magazines and attached to all social media networks and mediums.  With the overwhelming amount of information, companies have to find new ways to stand out to be seen in the crowd, to engage their customers and attract new customers.  A tried and true method for many companies is Direct Marketing.

About Direct Marketing
Direct marketing is a sales technique involving unsolicited contact with potential customers from companies trying to sell products. A direct marketing campaign typically includes certain components, such as addressing potential customers and asking those potential customers to take immediate action, including calling or visiting a website. Common forms of direct marketing include e-mail, online advertisements, promotional letters, catalog distribution and mobile messaging.

Benefits of Direct Marketing: Quantifiable
From the perspective of the company, one of the key benefits or advantages to direct marketing for their business is the ability to track results or to have direct measurements. Direct marketing is often easier to track than less formal styles of promotion. For example, if you send out 500 pamphlets, and receive 100 responses, you can conclude that the campaign had a 20 per cent response rate.  The same would apply in an e-mail campaign. One could determine the percentage of response rate based on how many received the e-mail and how many responded directly to the e-mail.  Additionally, you can calculate a break-even point, which is the number of sales required to cover the direct marketing costs.  This helps a company redirect their marketing plan to ensure it is more responsive.

Consumer Testing and targeted advertising
Direct marketing campaigns are also beneficial to test consumer responses with a small campaign before scaling up and launching a full, expensive campaign. This method of marketing also builds brand loyalty as some customers enjoy receiving information on deals and discounts, and easily become repeat customers.  Most small businesses have a very finite amount of resources for marketing and choose direct marketing for the potential to get the highest results with the least amount of resources. Direct marketing allows a business to generate a response from targeted customers, allow for ongoing communication with existing and potential customers to promote specific products and services. As you are directly sending information to individuals, you can specifically target the demographic you wish to reach. This can enhance response rates as the information is relevant to them. This also gives you the opportunity to personalize each interaction, such as addressing emails with the name of the customer or individual.

Direct marketing can be cost effective and extremely powerful at generating sales, so it is ideal for small businesses. For example, an email campaign has very little cost and can be delivered instantaneously.  It also is an easy form of direct marketing that can be duplicated for many other campaigns.

For every business or organization, it takes a specialized direct marketing approach unique to the audience being targeted. A business will know the character, personality, and interests of its customers and can focus a direct marketing campaign specific to their needs and desires.  This targeted approach is one of the key elements that make direct marketing successful.

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Buy Direct Mailing Lists Service For Online Business - Direct Mailing list service is one type of online marketing that is most popular marketing service at this days. People are interested about this because, first of all it's cheap and they get awesome service from this way of marketing. So, if you are an online businessman or you have a site that you want to promote you can choose a Direct Marketing campaign for you. In email marketing you need to send email about your service to people who are interested about your service and they will be your traffic. 

You need to create a list of mail where you will send your offers that call Mailing list service. You can also buy email marketing from some sites who provides email lists to use. Buy before buy an email database you need to check this. Is this effective for your service? You need to buy new updated database then you can reach to the highest people. What types of leads are these and are they related to your specific criteria? After checking all those things you can go to buy a Direct Marketing List list. 

You need to buy a Consumer Direct Email database to promote your sites or services. With direct mail lists you get only leads that are related with your services, then you can get more traffics and sales for your business. If you use emails to those people who are not interested about your service, they will ignore your mail and your marketing will unsuccessful. So, please check List Service Consumer Direct Email databases before buying others and get the best leads that actually need your services. Consumer Direct Email Databases are most effective over any other types of email databases. 

You can create a Database for your own, But, you will need to spend a lot of time to create an effective mail and e-mail database Or, You can purchase a very effective Direct Email List to use that is built to your specific criteria. Which type of email database you need to choose? You need to know some tips which can helps you to buy databases. You need to buy the best which is related to your business or services. Then you can get real traffic and increase your sales. 

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Advantages of Direct Email & Mailing Lists for Your Business: 
Mailing lists can help you target your customers efficiently for direct mail marketing campaigns, but you may be wondering why bother with a email marketing campaign when there are so many other ways to reach out to prospective customers. Simply put, direct email marketing offers advantages that no other form of advertising can match-and emailing lists from List Service Direct can cut out a lot of the initial work. Here are some of the reasons they can work for you.

It’s Tangible

Even in these days of Internet marketing and convenience, direct email marketing offers one of the best values for your money. Unlike email, direct marketing put an actual, physical, tangible item into your prospective customer’s hands. Once a target closes an email-if he ever opens it-it’s gone from his mind and will never be seen again. Direct email actually arrives at your prospect’s home and sits there, to be seen again and again. And if you include a gift as part of your email campaign that too is there in the customer’s home, displaying your name or message.

It’s Targeted

You can tailor mailing lists for direct email by many different variables, depending on your aims. Mailing list providers like List Service Direct can take a lot of the guesswork and legwork out of choosing recipients for your marketing campaign. You can specify a list by location, age, profession, group membership or any number of other factors. Specialized mailing lists can let you drill down to select your target market so that you don’t waste your advertising dollars on unlikely prospects.

It’s Economical

While your company may spend more per customer contacted via direct email, the ROI is significantly higher than it is with less-targeted methods of advertising. When you narrow your mailing list precisely to your targeted market, you can afford to use more expensive and more effective marketing methods to publicize your company. Call Today to Get Started!

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Mailing Lists Help You Find the Target Market:
Even with all the new advertising options available to businesses, direct marketing through mailing lists is still one of the most effective ways to reach potential new customers. Direct email marketing allows you to target precisely the people who are most likely to buy your product, and to do it in a way that allows you to measure just how effective your message is. If you've never worked with a list before, List Service Direct Inc. can help you design a mailing list that will put your message in front of the best market for your product.

Mailing list offer an invaluable product for anyone who is in the business of selling a product or service. LSDI provides you with contact information for people who may be interested in that product or service. Because the product they're selling is lists, they understand all the ways to find people who may have purchased products or services like yours in the past, as well as those who are most likely to be in the market for them now. In short, they have the knowledge and understanding to help you decide exactly what type of direct marketing mailing lists will work best for your company.
Mailing Lists that Target Your Market

There are many kinds of lists available through LSDI. The simplest is a mailing list of all the residents within a specified geographic area. These are usually the cheapest to purchase, at least on the surface. Because they're so general, though, they're also the least effective. It’s a scattershot approach to direct marketing that can end up costing you far more per actual sale than more directed and targeted mailing lists service.

A targeted mailing list is one that allows you to narrow the field of contacts to those that match your desired demographic. If you offer a diaper service in United State, for example, you might approach mailing list for a mailing list that consists of new parents in the United State area. You can further define that list for new parents within a specific economic graphic, or parents who have subscribed to specific magazines or those who have used diaper services in the past or those who have indicated in some survey that they are planning to use cloth diapers. The more targeted your list is, the more you will pay for it up front, but the more likely your target market is to buy your product. In the end, you'll usually end up paying less per actual sale than you would with a more general list.

Business to Business Lists

If you run a business that sells to other businesses, targeted lists are an even more effective strategy than with the general public. You can use selected and targeted lists to narrow your field down to those businesses that are most likely to need exactly the service you provide.

If you're not familiar with the strategies and methods that have been proven successful when working with lists, contact a LSDI broker who can walk you through the procedure and help you target your specific niche. Call Rich Palmeri, Today to set up a free effective strategy!
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