I'm so disappointed this place died :I

Name: Jack Long
Dorm:Slifer Red
Main deck: rise of the true dragons
Duel spirit: Rainbow kuriboh, gets me out of tough situations
Bio: A duelist with 2 decks, one focused on powerful warriors and another one focused on bringing destroyed dragons back stronger than before, i passed the fiel exam but barely passed the written exam.

Well this place is empty

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sits and fiddles with my deck (open rp)

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Name: Shane Brewster

Age: 18

Gender: male

Dorm: Obelisk Blue

Main Deck: Alien Heroes

Duel Spirit: Multiplier

Personality: he is a rather ignorant individual

Bio: Shane is a Warrior, one of the few warriors left, he has been chosen to protect the new world from the spirits that wish to harm it, hence why he received a legendary card gaining the position of the Red Warrior, he is a rather weaker one however, and doesn't care about winning and just wishes to duel for fun

Friends: Drift and Isaac
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Dibs on the Raging Dragon Warrior

+Matthew Williams

+Awsome Productions​
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So.....is anyone up for an arc 

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Name: James Greenwood
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Dorm: Ra yellow
Main Deck:  Odd-Eyes deck
Duel Spirit: Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon
Bio: Graduated third in his class from JR Duel Academy in the United States, and ran an Elemental Hero deck, but that changed when he moved to Domino City and received his Odd-Eyes deck from Pegasus as a welcome present to the son of a family friend. 
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is sitting in the courtyard looking at my deck (open rp)
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