Kai was exploring, all by himself with his trusty Clefable, Clef. The two were in the forest, looking around!
(Hoping for a Pokémon that doesnt trust humans)

Yūdaina had gathered some pebbles and rocks from the forest and was on her way to the ocean to skip the pebbles and maybe some of the rocks too, She soon felt the ground beneath her turn to sand and was at the beach. It was abandoned today like usual since not much people knew there was a third beach, Yūdaina sat down on the beach and started skipping a few pebbles, she hadn't heard you and you.. (Closed to +Zorana Dragon)

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Let's try to revive a dead community with a new profile! Yeaah!

"Don't underestimate me because of my weird looks."

Name: Yūdaina
Age: That is currently unknown.
Species: We assume that she is a Riolu though her colors like to throw people off, She is not a hybrid from what we know.
Gender: Female
Level: 22
Moves: I'm not sure she really has any, She refuses to fight other Pokemon with moves and instead ends up paralyze them somehow.
Way she attacks: Instead of using moves she'll get close to her opponent's neck and force her paw down on it, Paralyzing them somehow, She also uses her tail by sweeping her enemies off their feet/Hooves and grabbing them.
Ability: Her Ability is Prankster which was not surprising when found out.
Height: 3'11
Weight: 76.3 lbs
Nature: Naughty
Personality: Smart, Prankster, Gets excitedly easily, Alert, Friendly, Playful, Obedient, Surprising, Strong- Willed, Healthy.
Friends: She stays very close to my friend Umbreon and My older brother Quickthunder along with me so she considers us friends.
Family: I... I'm not exactly sure she has any honestly.
Bio: I'm sure she has one... She just hasn't said anything yet, Of course, if she wishes it not to be shared it will not be shared.

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Alright guys, I'm going to try and revive this community and Try to be a little more active than I was last time

Thanks for letting me join. ^^
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(New character cuz why not)
Name: Jack Adanac
Age: 28
Personality: loud and a show off
Looks: wears a long blazer that goes down to his knees, wears a pair of black slacks, has wine red hair side pared and uncut. Blue eyes.
Pokémon: bisharp, cosplay pikachu (libre), weevil, and greninja
Likes: watching good battle and proving he can win
Dislikes: losing

jack was sitting in the forest training his bisharp against himself using his barehands because why not. (open rp)

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"Gotta get things done, before the clock strikes!"

Name: Patty
Nickname: none
Age: 17
Gender: f
Type: Normal
Species: Shiny patrat
Likes: travels
Dislikes: ???
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: adventurous
Trainer: None
Attacks: hyper fang, tri attack, mud slap, and iron tail
Bio: Going across the land she loves, Patty goes on further and further till she can't go any further.

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Age:8 years old.
Personality:Shy and timid.
Favorite color:purple.
Looks:Has curly light blonde hair with matching light green eyes. He wears a long sleeved purple shirt and blue pants.
Siblings:Janie and Beth.
Likes:Drawing and jumping.
Dislikes:mean people.

...Gold layed down on the ground shaking...it was scary to be alone..he was only a kid...but atleast he had his litten...he heard some twigs break..he shot straight up"hello?...anyone there?..."......then you...
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