Hey guys
How are you all getting on with your Critical Review?

I thought it would be good if we could throw some ideas around for artifacts? Comment if you have anything you'd like to share x

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Hey guys!

I hope that you have all had a lovely summer!

I'm just getting my head back into the BAPP course and reading through the materials for Module 3. How is everyone getting on? It's often hard to gage what stage you should be at so any advice/encouragement would be greatly appreciated?!

For my inquiry I am interested in looking into: 'What legal advice/aid currently exists for professional dancers in the UK and how can these services be greater understood through the work of dance organisations?'

I am aiming to investigate and clarify the types of legal issues faced by professional dancers and leading on from this, what legal advice/aid is offered to them in these situations. I also want to look into what a dancer's perspective is on the types of legal issues that may arise for them such as contractual issues; problems with salary; injury claims etc. Also how they view the current legal advice/aid they may receive in the UK is a key strand to my research.

I would love to start up a discussion surrounding my inquiry topic and please feel free to email me with any thoughts and ideas (lilygrundy@gmail.com) as I'd love as many of you as possible to be involved. This is not a project just for dancers but for any type of professional artist who would like to find out more about the legal support available to them in the UK.

Look forward to hearing from you! xx

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Hi Guys!

I know it's a little late in the module but I've created a survey around my topic and I would really appreciate it if you could take part. It's only 10 questions so it's really quick!


Thank you!

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Hi guys hope your all doing well,,,, I would love for you all too join my SIG
Link Below.


I am interested too know how many people work in more than one medium in the Arts for example, dance companies, Musicals , Straight acting etc. I am basing my inquiry on the transition from Musical Theatre too Straight acting. I would also  love too hear your opinions on my blog posts particularly in relation too my inquiry questions. I look forward too speaking with you all xx

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Hi Guys!
Would love to here your views upon my Inquiry Topic! You can email me your response at hucklebethany@gmail.com or post on my blog! Please get involved and contribute your opinions!x 

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Hi Guys

I have created this little survey to help me out with my professional inquiry research and I would really appreciate it if you could take part! Some of the questions are aimed at dancer's so, if this is not relevant to you, only answer the questions which are! Also all results are anonymous :)

Thanks so much!

So I am have started Module 2 and it is quite a lot to take in! I would really love any contribution towards initiating my professional inquiry and if you can offer any advice or ideas I would really appreciate it.

My initial idea for my inquiry is to look into legal representation for dancers and what is out there for them in terms of legal aid. I am interested in studying Law following the BAPP course and I would love to combine this passion with my long-standing passion for dance.

Why do you think dancer's or any individual or organisation within the arts sector would require legal representation and do you think that there is sufficient legal aid already in existence?

I would be really interested to hear what you have to say!


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Please join and contribute! I would really appreciate it!
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