"Warriors" and "Priestly Advisers"

Some rage like August storms 
Some rain slow and calm
Some shout like strong gales
Some speak breezy 

Some thirst for thrills 
Some take it easy 
Some warriors
Some priestly

Fruit and Flesh
A Poem
By Dominique Hodnett

I was wondering around the woods one day
To search for fruits and berries
I found a grove of juicy oranges
And a bush which was full of cherries
With a basket I plucked till it was full to the brim
And boy was I ever merry
My basket was heavy and overflowing
With all that I could carry
The trip was long and my arms were weak
But my goal was ever so clear
I needed to find enough to eat
For those who I hold dear
On the way back home I walked through the woods
Which I normally do not fear
But it was getting late in the afternoon
And I knew that sundown was near

In the darkness I heard the bushes rustle
I knew something was on the prowl
I kept my pace and continued walking
Until I heard the howl
I sped up my pace the best I could
Considering the cargo
The weight on my arms was as restricting
As Jefferson's embargo
I tossed out the fruits one by one
To lighten up my load
I left a trail of sweets behind me
For all creatures to behold

And now we're trapped within this cabin
With barricades surrounding
Creatures of the night want our flesh
To pair with their fruitful bounty
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