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My own Aqua Hydrolian

I think this is okay. I was kinda trying to make its colour based on the coral down there but I made the red colour lighter because the red colour made it look like it has blood.

Anyway, I hope this is okay. I'll made the refrence sheet later
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This species is still a little bit of a work in progress. So any help with it is appreciated

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The Aqua Hydrolians are a species created by me.
They're a species that was bioengineered to clean the water around them of pollution. They soak up the pollution and convert it into energy that they live off of. After a decade of their existence they were classified as real animals and are sometimes kept as pets to keep pools clean. They can survive in any type of water, though their are some who can live in more than just water. They use their horns as defense and when threatened the horns extend and turn into something like a sword. They also hatch out of eggs.

The standard price of a MYO of this species is 30 points since it's just starting out.
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