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New free Teeline App .. I built this app to help me learn and revise Teeline quickly and hope it will be useful to others.

You can enter words and phrases and see the resulting Teeline symbols. Has Teeline indicators, blends doubling and and most common word abbreviations.

Youtube Tutorial … .. download from … runs on Mac Windows Android and Linux

What'd be the minimum duration required to reach 100 wpm while maintaining at least 96% accuracy in Teeline given 1 hour practice everyday? Those with first hand experience, could you please offer tips and resources to speed up the learning process?

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What page of the Teeline Gold Course Book do they discuss "cy" endings? I've gone thru the book a few times and I can't seem to find a clear reason why the "cy" or phonetically "hard C" ending uses a "C" and an "i".

My note taking is about international affairs and you can't imagine how many times I have to write legitimacy, democracy, anarchy, etc.

And, yes, my handwriting is horrible and since I take all my notes on my tablet it is even worse. Sorry in advance.

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The previously mentioned engineering phrases. It's not perfect, but it's what I naturally do.

(FAO +Ike Evans mainly)

Hello friends.
I want to learn shorthand to attain a minimum 80 wpm -100 wpm speed to qualify for a govt exam skill test. The time i have is maximum 4 months to reach that speed.
From what i have researched in the online articles, i have decided to learn teeline method.
Kindly confirm if iam right in my decision and suggest me good online learning courses and best books to start from the basics.
Thank you.

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Hey everyone. I'm new here, and I'm just barely starting out on trying to teach myself Teeline. I bought a small book to help me study, but I'm somewhat stumped on how to write several different words.

I have here a list of phrases that are literally pulled from notes that I take at work during meetings. (I'm an engineer in the utilities by profession.) I thought maybe I could post this to see if anyone would be interested in showing me how these sentences could be written. Thanks!

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I wish everybody a happy new year!

Is there a standard way to add an "-ed" to the end of a word like using the i indicator to add "-ing"? I was thinking a d would make sense, but how is it supposed to be done?

+Nathanael Farley, I've often wondered what to do with certain endings on words, usually ones that normally in a long "i" sound. Examples: "marry" vs. "married"; "tie" vs. "tied". Or "tree" vs. "trees". Do you keep the final vowel sound and append the ending to it, or do you omit it? "TID" or "TD" for "tied"? "TrES" or "TrS" for "trees"?

Does anyone do anything fancy for 'au' in teeline? I've seen using a full 'a' (e.g. 'audio', 'audience') but I've not come across any hard rules for this.
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