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This week's blog comes from Paul Priestly who discusses Managing Reputational Risk when Sharing Data.

This blog is a great opportunity to learn about sharing data for both government and industry; speaking about potential benefits and risks, local and international trends and best practice principles.

We're also a sponsor at the upcoming Data Management & Sharing in Government conference (2nd/3rd April, Canberra). Hear from speakers who work in the government and private sector on how they are approaching data sharing.

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Im a little surprised this article is only coming out now, I thought it would of come out back when the relaunch of flybuys happened. Maybe its just due to the transparency of the counties the data ends up in that has brought back into the spot light.
If you think about all the products/organisations included in flybuys and their ability to link all those together imagine how much they do know about you. Then if you think of the story of How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did imagine what flybuys can do with the amount of data they have.

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An interesting article on how Westpac is using its data to target communications to its customers.
Nothing really new but it is a bit of a milestone a lot of Business would love to get to.

The below comment caught my eye and made me wonder what their definition is of Big Data and why they would have more than one data warehouse. Maybe its just the initial extracts from the Web that is the "Big Data" component which is then transformed into structured data in a Warehouse?
Also of course it is a comment a lot of people may find concerning when thinking about their own data.

"Our data sources are growing very fast and customer interactions are growing very fast," Ms Ganschow said. "We know who you are paying. We know where you are shopping and what you are buying. There is a lot of data pouring into our data warehouses."

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I found this a useful article on SQL Server Central.
SQLCLRs are a great way of integrating SQL Server with other applications and/or to create better ways of achieving your results.
The Level 2 page is very in depth, I wish I had access to such information years ago when I first started playing with them.
My favorite SQLCLR I created was to trigger the SSRS Web Service so we can schedule and run Reports with variables set in a table. Very handy when you need hundreds/thousands of reports scheduled to run only after certain events complete etc.

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Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics so easy you can talk to it... Insight is just a phone call away! ;-)

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To help journalists report the news, visualize data and tell compelling stories, we’ve launched Google Media Tools. This new hub provides journalists of all skill levels with tips and tricks on a variety of ways--from research to developing to publishing--to connect with their audiences. Explore the site:

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Sitting in a trendy cafe in Melbourne, and the gentleman next to us is eating his breakfast whilst perusing +IBM #Cognos mobile reports.

It is nice to see people using what we put so much effort in to.

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Continuously protect all your business-critical data and applications via a single web-based console.

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For business and IT executives, the paper furnishes substantial information and business examples about what changes they can look forward to and how those changes can catalyze their strategic initiatives. 
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