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Craig Venter's talk at last night's SDEE meeting was pretty interesting. Some of the highlights of his talk included a project called Face which used your genome to predict your appearance (with an amazing degree of accuracy). A new Comprehensive Cancer Analysis service which combines imaging data, with sequence and tumor sequence information to create a more complete picture of a patient. The folks at Human Longevity have been collaborating with Moores Cancer Center and GE on a more sensitive imaging technology (RSI - restricted spectrum imaging) and were able to detect tumors that weren't readily apparent from X-Rays or other imaging technologies.
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ICYMI this is tomorrow 2/12! Rumour is that +Gareth Morgan will be presenting his research!

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What do you guys think of this event? I'm on the fence b/c it seems commercial. Thoughts?

Since there are so many science communicators in the group, I thought this upcoming talk at the Sanford-Burnham might be of interest:

Communicating Complicated Ideas to the Public
The Challenge of Conveying Accurate Information in a Hyper-Connected World
Seth Mnookin
Associate Director
MIT’s Graduate Program in Science Writing
Author of "The Panic Virus"

Noted science journalist and associate director of MIT's Graduate Program in Science Writing Seth Mnookin will talk about his experiences on a number of complex topics, ranging from controversies about vaccine safety to the use of exome sequencing for rare disease diagnosis. He'll address the tension between keeping the public's attention and sensationalizing results, ways to combat misinformation, and how to effectively address members of the media.

Mar 03
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Pacific

Fishman Auditorium, La Jolla
12:00-1:00 p.m. PST map
VIDEOLINK: CR A2220, Lake Nona
3:00-4:00 p.m. EST map
Host(s): Hudson Freeze

Contact: Amy Zimmon

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Interesting...2nd crowdsourced computational project I've seen in a week from +Scripps Research Institute ...lends credence to +Justin Kiggins statement "SD scientists do science online, they just don't necessarily communicate (much) about it"...perhaps that's changing? I'll reach out to TSRI about our Tweetup, and of course +Andrew Su is a leader there...maybe put together an event in '15?

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Our first #SDSciTweetup  is Dec. 8th at Regents Pizzeria at 7 p.m., join us!

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In light of Mary's Manifesto [], this little news item came across my desk this morning.

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Hi all--would greatly appreciate it if you could promote this event to your networks, thanks!

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