I just upgraded Mythbuntu 12.04 to 14.04. Everything is ok except I have no sound via HDMI through my Nvidia graphics card. Anybody know the fix? Thanks.

Gutted. Myth server TBS card appears to have died <groan> no longer shows up in dmesg. Further investigation s tomorrow.

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Mythtv .27 release schedule was announced today on the mailing list. Go check out when .27 is gonna drop.

Hey guys I got the gp-ir02bk remote you guys have in your store. I have my system all set up but its not picking up some of the key-presses. I can see the light flash but nothing happens on screen. I tried running irw but lirc is not reporting anything either. Can anyone help me (running on archlinux)

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I am looking to build a low cost, low power, quiet frontend for mythtv. Does anyone know if mythfrontend would run on the Odroid-U2? It seems to have reasonable specs but is ARM based.

Hi Everyone, can anyone help, I`m trying to get Mythweb working in Fedora 18, but when I go to localhost/mythweb, I get the Mythweb page, but with a error message saying "Error data directory is not writable by apache. Please check permissions."

Thanks in advance,

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MythTV Gadget demo on Ubuntu 12.04


So the mythtv box I'm going to set up this weekend I really only want to use as a front end system. However my switch is full so I won't be able to connect a separate back end, plus my back end system isn't ready.

How hard is it to transfer a backend database to another system? Or will it just be easier to just reinstall when my backend (with capture cards which will not be in this front end).

I am about to set up my first mythtv system. Right now I am looking at doing a separate front end and back end. But my main question is are their plans to include a Netflix button in the mythtv menus now that the ppa has been setup?
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