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Hello new comers

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Name: Frieza

Power: Can destroy planets and can defeat ssgss goku

Tranformations: 1st Form,2nd Form,3rd form,Final form,Final form (Full power),Golden Form

Species: Arcosion

Gender: Arcosion Male

Bio: Frieza had a army of Saiyans at his disposal unfortunately he knew they would get stronger and try to Defeat him so he destroyed them but one escaped and he was Goku but then he came and tried to get the Dragon balls from namek and then goku came and ruined it he defeated Frieza while in ssj but Frieza came back with vengeance and he became golden and fought ssgss goku and almost won until Vegeta showed up and defeated Frieza hes back With more vengeance then ever

Allies/Summons: Zarbon,Dodoria,Ginyu,Jeice,Burter,Guldo,Recoome

Rivals: Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Goku's family,Vegeta's Family

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Thanks for the invite! ^^
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