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I'm holding a Q&A for my 900 Subscriber Special, so post as many questions below of this video!

Bad News: There is no longer to upload of Daily Slideshow.

Hi people! If you want to request for more Glenfield Vlog. Put comment session below.

thanks for the motertator me

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My Top 10 2015 Video Special!
You'll see which is the least & favourite plush & outing videos of 2015!

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My characters go to Perith in Wester Sydney & a new character joins BigMarioFan100 & Princess Peach returns!

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You get to choice your favourite video & scene i uploaded in 2015 but you can only choose a plush or outing video!

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Waluigi, Shy Guy & Tanooki Mario try to buy a train ticket on the Sydney Trains website!

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My 700 Subscriber Special

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A Set at Glenfield. To Leppington
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