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morte oakley

Sock Club  - 
First Pair

My first ever pair of socks.
So proud :)
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My daughter loves them, and put them on first thing this morning :)
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I finished spinning 50g of merino today.  Not impressed with the fibre preparation, but I adore the colour.
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Tammy Carroll

Look what I made!  - 
Finished my fair isle socks. the flutterby is mosaic. :-)
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jennifer stead

Found this!  - 
Just wanted to show this off cause I know you'll appreciate it. Spent the day at a Medieval fair & battle reenactment & found some lovely ladies spinng yarn on a beautiful wheel. I brought this beautiful hand dyed merino tops for my friend who has just learnt to spin. Was looking for something like a broach for her but I know she'll love this more :)
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Definitely better gift than a trinket!
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takelia watson

Look what I made!  - 
Finally finished working on my little cousin birthday present...I know she is going to love it
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That is so cute!!!
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Finished and starting the Mardi Gras for a grand son.
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I think you are right. As much as I hate the thought, I think I will have to dig out my wrist brace and give the poor thing a rest. I spent my vacation renovating my basement (dropped ceiling and painting) during the days and knitting in the evenings and my wrist is letting me know I have overdone it.
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TukTuk Purses 
After making some TukTuk bags, I thought some purses would also work well! I'm loving my little TukTuk purses! Nice to have sold one already. I need to take some photos outside and get them in my shop! I need to bite the bullet and send some pitches to blogs / magazines etc... to try and get them out there too!! 
Tuk Tuk Purse
Here they are, the crazy little Tuk Tuk's scooting up and down the streets!! The red one is already sold!! Blue and Green will be available on Etsy this weekend! 
#tuktuk   #threewheeler  
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+Rebecca Ward you're welcome ☺ I love helping other crafters out ☺ My blog address is: hope to hear from you soon!
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Caitlin Upton

What I'm working on now  - 
This is what I'm working on. I know there have been a few if not many mistakes. I've finally gotten the rhythm down at chart 4 of 8. And if I decide to make another. I will at least have learned from my errors.
I'm hoping with blocking some of the errors will be hidden. And If not. I admit I'm not perfect and it's a large piece. - and when it's cold I'm hoping no one will notice I skipped a yarn over or miscounted my stitches. I shouldn't beat myself up over mistakes. - plus living in Texas it's not like I'll ever get to wear it 
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+Paula Moore, except for those yarn overs at the end and beginning and the center ones. - I forgot the those the first few charts. - I was so thrilled I could move on - I wish she would have made a note on each chart page 
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Bronislava Slagle

Look what I made!  - 
so much happened here since I was here last time - great job everyone :-)
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Lori Thueme

Sock Club  - 
+Christina Blount Presnell I have a question on the River Valleys sock pattern. Why does the foot pattern change from the leg pattern? I am using circular needles and my zig zag was shifted. I tore out back to gusset and am ready to start foot again but it seems it will be off. Shouldn't I continue leg pattern but only on the 30 stitches that were held back? 
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+Lori Thueme No, not shifted.  If you like the look, it's fine.  I just kept the center 4 zigzags going down the foot.  The others morphed into stockinette.  How many do you have?  
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Ruth Embery

Look what I made!  - 
Finally got round to blocking the shawl I finished back in June...It is only about 7 degrees outside today, but the sun is shining and there is a little breeze, so hopefully it will dry, without the cat's help by sitting on it!
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It's beautiful!!!!
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July Sockclub Socks finished

A few days ago I finished the July socks from the River Valley pattern.

The yarn sadly doesn't show the pattern stitch very clearly, but it was fun to knit, has enough stretch to fit over my feet and looks really nice, when you look very, very closely. Maybe I'll do it again someday with a different yarn.

The pattern is nice and straightforward, I added another repeat widthwise, as I have rather wide feet (nearly 25 cm / 10 inches around the ball of my foot). I made the heel flap with 36 sts (from 66 all around), did a rounded heel (horseshoe heel) and then decreased the gussets to 34 sts, making a total of 34 sts around the foot. For the toe (short row toe) I rearranged the sts, so it was made over each 32 sts for sole and instep.

All in all a nice and rather easy pattern, well suited for any knitter who has maybe already done a pair of socks and some lace knitting.

#sockclub   #knitting   #socks  +Christina Blount Presnell 
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Ellis N. A. Pilcher

What I'm working on now  - 
That one time when I had to turn this cake into another mega hodge podge sock of doom like the first one. I'm considering starting a second one of a different yarn/pattern so it doesn't seem so monotonous, just take twice as long. Ftw!!!
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Well the one I'm doing is quite simple and now I've got it right it's predictable enough. 
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July Knit Along
Hey  #SockCLub  , How are you all doing on your River Valleys socks?  We're about 1/3 of the way through the month.  :-)

I have August's Kits ready to ship out to you next week.  We'll be using a cotton/chitlin based yarn, Tofusties by Southwest Trading Company and the featured pattern will be Kaibashira by guest designer, Chrissy Gardiner.  Chrissy is excited to join in for a month, and pinch hit for me while we prepare to move, again.    This pattern has a fun feather & fan like Northern Lights were, but a lot lacier.  I especially like the ruffled top!    You can dowload it on Ravelry (, and also from the Sock Club pattern database next week.     

Hope you're all having a great weekend!   - Christina
It's Cast On Day!
River Valleys socks is now Available
July #SockClub Knit-A-Long

Included here is our latest pattern, River Valleys, now available to registered Sock Club members.   Included in this album are the photos of the patterns our members have been #knitting over the last couple of years.  C'mon and  join in on the fun!

Members Receive:
* A new custom designed pattern each month
* Access to all of the patterns shown in our growing database
* Monthly Sock-Along Hangout Q&A and tutorials
* Challenges and Fun Events
* Individualized instruction.
* Free Shipping
* Multiple Kit Subscription Options
* 5% off all Sock yarns

Posted by +Christina Blount Presnell for +Yarn Mountain 
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+Caitlin Upton Awesome.  Let me know if you have any trouble logging in.  You may need an invite for your gmail.
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Hello, have a question for knitters. Can I mix different type of yarns ir I making for example topcoat with a backing for a girl? Can I use wool and acrilic yarn? or the whole topcoat can be onle knit with wool or with acrilic yarns? 
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No! Definitely mix them! Just be careful about it :-)

When you mix yarns, just take care of the resulting piece according to the instructions on the most delicate fiber and use your judgment about when mixing will look good, using the tips above.

Fiber mixing is a skill, but it's definitely not something to always avoid
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Hi everybody, have not posted in a while but i have been crocheting, almost done with my current project. I have a question though, when making socks is there a particular way to start it off?
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Good Morning, Knitting Lodge, 
I think the festivities are well behind us!  
I'm back at work today, after a very nice vacation and  another crazy week of summer.   I'm looking forward to going through your #SockTrip2014  posts this morning and adding up some points.  I'm putting some final touches on our Virtual Sidewalk Sale at +Yarn Mountain kicking off next week, and the August  #SockClub  pattern....all good stuff.  So, let's see those #FOFriday  posts!  :-)

PS....Here's a pic of where I ended up on vacation.  We toured a lot of American's "North" and enjoyed a family reunion somewhere in there. 
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Bronislava Slagle

What I'm working on now  - 
I have so much stash - that I should not buy any more yarn in several months (but guess what - a friend of mine asked me to knit or crochet something for her future baby - so she will be buying yarn, and I will be assisting yippiiiii

but here is something I am working on from my stash - another lacy hat
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+Rachel Lee I am working on an e-book with lacy hats and this will be one of them - it is a WIP at the moment
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