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This guy need to go now (this isn't necessarily u-kiss related but i don't want to see them being talked bad about)
long rant because you can't talk about Kpop like that and be racist about it too!!!
+Lexan Vence this guys has been talking bad about Kpop for a year now!!! We got to get him to be kicked out of G+! And never to come back with new accounts!!! Pics below is what he has been saying about Kpop and maybe other songs and people!!! ELF he's been talking about your awesome group and how they were the kings of Kpop and how EXO is better!! EXO-Ls we been getting so much hate because people keep thinking he is an EXO-L! but he's not! our fandom has so much hate and it's not our fault sometimes! it's people like this guy and others! EXO-Ls you know what to do!! and Crayon Pop fans he called your idols and bias retard! and that's not right! he even said this is why America doesn't respect Kpop! what is he talking about! there are so many fans here in America and so many other places! IGOT7 he talked about how your bias and idols aren't getting enough awards! VIPs he talked about Big Bang and keep saying EXO is better! these words in the pics below isn't EXO-Ls! it's this hater! Fandoms we got to band together and get him!! Girls Generation fans he talked bad about your girls too! we got to stop this hater! he called Amber a lesbian or transgendered! she is not! she's just a tomboy! this guy is no Kpop fan! if you're a fan of somebody it's not because of their bodies it's because they got talent! HOTTEST he talked about 2PM like they were nothing! I'm in all these fandoms and I never heard of a hater or fake fan say that! I enjoy Crayon Pop and GG and 2NE1 and the other girl groups. he is racist! he said in one of his comments we look alike so you're bias
looks like another members face!
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All of you are free to post in the group, by the way.  ;) This is OUR group for all of our nasty selves.

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