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A simple example of how to create an API key on Google+

This can be used to bypass quote restrictions impacting usage of the Social Media 2 WordPress for Google+ plugin.

1. Go to [and sign in if required]
2. Click 'Create Project'
3. Give it a name [Social Media 2 WP] and wait for it to be created
4. On the left menu, click 'APIs & Auth' and then 'APIs'
5. Find the Google+ API and enable it by clicking ON
6. On the left menu click 'Credentials'
7. Click 'Create New Key'
8. Select the 'Server Key' option
9. Click 'Create'
10.  Copy the API Key and paste it where it is needed

Nothing happening here, seems like abandonware​.

Due to the lack of updates to this plugin for 2 years and lack of support, i have uninstalled the plugin. Two of my sites have been hacked and this could be the reason. Who knows? It was good while it lasted, but too much of a risk now.

Anyone else suffering From Hacking on their Blog?

This community seems to be abandoned to spammers but I hope someone will be reading still. There is no response from +Daniel Treadwell who promised to come back into the community, so I am throwing this out there.

The plugin has not been updated in a two years and so is a concern. I have been hacked again recently though all of my plugins, the WP installation itself are kept up to date. Anyone else have any hacking going on?

I'm thinking of uninstalling it. Seems to be abandonware.

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Personal branding involves managing the existing online information about yourself in a professional way. You have to tailor your #PersonalBrand to showcase your traits, your experience, and your authority. The 3 tools we present in our article will help you with that: 

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Some #Marketers are having a hard time completing all daily tasks. Especially when you reach a certain level. It's why we've analyzed 5 of the best #BrandingTools the pros are using. Find out more about each: 

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If you are a product-based business and want to sell your products online domestically or internationally, then WooCommerce is the best choice for a highly flexible online store.

17 Must Have WooCommerce Plugins For 2017

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WooCommerce Checkout Pages: Add, edit, save custom fields

Learn how to handle custom fields in woocommerce through this article

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Best WordCamp Events of 2017

The community of WordPress is made of bloggers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and—well, everyone’s a part of it.

Without a doubt, the tightly-knit clan is always on a constant quest of creating, learning, and growing this fantastic CMS. To keep the spirit of giving back rolling smoothly, the community organizes multiple events in different parts of the world.

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