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A simple example of how to create an API key on Google+

This can be used to bypass quote restrictions impacting usage of the Social Media 2 WordPress for Google+ plugin.

1. Go to [and sign in if required]
2. Click 'Create Project'
3. Give it a name [Social Media 2 WP] and wait for it to be created
4. On the left menu, click 'APIs & Auth' and then 'APIs'
5. Find the Google+ API and enable it by clicking ON
6. On the left menu click 'Credentials'
7. Click 'Create New Key'
8. Select the 'Server Key' option
9. Click 'Create'
10.  Copy the API Key and paste it where it is needed

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WooCommerce Checkout Pages: Add, edit, save custom fields

Learn how to handle custom fields in woocommerce through this article

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Best WordCamp Events of 2017

The community of WordPress is made of bloggers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and—well, everyone’s a part of it.

Without a doubt, the tightly-knit clan is always on a constant quest of creating, learning, and growing this fantastic CMS. To keep the spirit of giving back rolling smoothly, the community organizes multiple events in different parts of the world.

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The plugin is really cool but there is a huge error with the automatic update system. I always have to do it manually, clicking the run button. I don't know where is the problem but it's really frustrating :-(

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10 Proven Ways to Make Your Email Stand Out This Halloween

Subject lines are the most important baits to persuade people to click on your email and move forward! Let’s consider an ordinary day in any of your follower’s life: #emailmarketing 

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We at Squirrly have always tried to create tools and guides that make digital marketing easier. We've recently hit 100k users and we're celebrating with the #bettermarketer #giveaway. We are offering 125 prizes to make your job easier and help you get results.

The giveaway ends on the 16th of October so sign up while you still can!

Hi There,

Just paid for the complete version of the Google+ plugin, money taken but just got a big error message saying I couldn't proceed - can someone please send me the plugin file for Wordpress. Thanks :)

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Here is the list of best social sharing WordPress plugins of 2016.Social Media is playing a very crucial role in today`s life. So any news or incident that you share on your website should reach the audience through social media without any doubt. It is important to integrate the social sharing buttons on your site and let readers share your posts on the most popular social networking sites.
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