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What is AmmoNation?
Aren't you sick and tired of the mainstream media telling you that all gun owners are a bunch of right wing wackos? US TOO! We want to portray the people that take guns and training seriously in a 100% no bullshit fashion! We will also be BIASED by showing the world how positive and rewarding gun ownership and proficiency can be.

James Yeager will run the production of this documentary front to back. His already wildly popular YouTube channel is a success because of his "tell it like it is" personality and his unwillingness to take shit off any person. His background as an undercover cop, police sniper, SWAT team leader, High Risk Civilian Contractor and world renowned Tactical Instructor make him ideal to head this project. He will use his tenacious style and aggressive flair to create a program unlike any you have ever seen!

In this documentary you will follow James, Reid and the rest of the crew as they travel across the United States meeting the AmmoNation whose citizens all have one thing in common, a love of the constitution and the 2nd amendment.

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Transitions: Long gun to Handgun

Do you prefer a particular method?
Have you posted a video about it?


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Targets: Steel vs. Paper?

Which would you rather use for training?
Paper Targets or Steel Targets?

Targets: Steel vs. Paper?
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Are competitive shooting sports good training?
or do they ingrain bad habits that can actually be detrimental to "real life" defensive shooting?

#firearmstraining   #shootingsports  

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Have any tips or tricks on Targets?

One day we decided to tilt our targets a bit, like in this photo, and it was interesting to see how our accuracy dropped

Ever try stuff like this? 

Have any other tips / tricks to share to keep training sharp and interesting?

#Targets   #FirearmsTraining  

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Do you train with a 'shot timer'?
If you do, what brand, make / model do you like best and why?

I would be interested to know what kinds of training and workshops shooters would like to see, as well as what their shooting levels are.

Example 1: John Doe, husband and father of 2-4 kids spends 4000 dollars a year on hunting/shooting might want a kids safety and basics program + a concealed carry refresher + 8 hrs one on one training + a firearms maintenance class showing field stripping/ cleaning/ malfunction clearing/ annual maint and when to send to a gunsmith

Example 2: Jane Smith is a single no children wants a ladies only cc class, beginning shooting, individual instruction, basic cleaning

Example 3: Pat Johnson wants an advanced class in AR systems, 3 gun and competition shooting along with intro cowboy action.

Anyone seen reports like this or is anyone seeing trends/ want to share?

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LMS Defense; AK 101 by Paul Gomez
March 21, 2007

AK 101 course is a two day block of instruction which focuses on developing consistent, non diagnostic, combative gun handling skills for the Kalashnikov weapons platform

R.I.P. Paul (1971-2012)

LMS Defense; AK 101 by Paul Gomez, 2007
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Arizona CCW Class Review (Aug 2007)

Instructed by Phil Wong who did an outstanding job
This was the first class I attended with Phil, since then I've sen him at a bunch of classes and shooting events
Phil is now an instructor here in Arizona for Massad Ayoob
AZ CCW Class 2007
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AZ CCW Class; Tactical Advantage, 2007
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