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Mozilla's Mycroft Project is an excellent community resource of custom search engines you can add to your browser. +Brian Croxall provides a great write-up.

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Interesting look at DuckDuckGo, a small search engine that doesn't track you or store your search data.

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Awesome video about the structure of the web and how we're using it and it's using us to become a smarter machine. Six years old, which in internet years is ANCIENT, but it holds up very nicely.
I still love this video and it's hard to believe it is 6 years old. Still relevant! Thanks to Kim Wilkens  for sharing this video in WomenLearningTech.

The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)!

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An interesting piece on how Google's search algorithm relies on our own intelligence. It also contains one seriously useful search tip: eliminate all words that have high frequency of occurrence and only search for those words that would appear on the pages you're looking for.

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Interested in how the National Security Agency trains its agents to do their spy work online? Their manual, Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research, was just made available through a Freedom of Information Act request. Very interesting stuff!

Just saw post from John Graves about the course. It tells quite a story! Very cool experience all around. 

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Some awesome time-saving tips in this TED Talk. What are your favorites?

Just so we're all clear here, I've envisioned this space continuing on well after the course "officially" concludes. If we do offer future versions of ZSRx, I'd like to have future participants be added to this community. Essentially what I see happening is that future participants will have the opportunity to interact with all of you (who have been absolutely amazing to share ideas with!), and the community will slowly grow over time into a resource all its own. (That said, if you want to leave the community, select "Leave community" from the "Actions" menu on the left.)

Folks, I cannot tell you how delighted I am at how well this course has gone and how much it seems so many of you have learned. The response to our little experiment has been absolutely humbling. I hope we challenged your thinking, enriched your lives with new tools and skills, and caused you to (maybe) rethink the role of libraries and librarians in the Google era. 

It's been fun! Don't ever stop learning!

Fortune reports that Facebook may soon be tracking where you are all the time, via an app in your smartphone.  They may clam that you already gave them permission to track you, even if the app is not opened.

In addition NPR yesterday reported that Google is combining their data on you with that of retailers, so that they can sell not only what you look at on the web, but also your shopping history.

1984 had it somewhat wrong, big brother is the Fortune 100.

Kyle, ZSR, thanks  for the course.
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