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Name: Irene Williams
Age: 18

Si hay alguien q hable castellano q quiera estar en un grupo de wass de HP q me avise gracias

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I'm walking to library,to find some book
Animated Photo

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Name : Courtney Edwards
Age : 11


I'm not really clear how this work.Should my character be me,or made up,or from some movie or cartoon?And should I put my real years?

could i teach defense against the dark arts

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Hi guys! I'm your new astronomy teacher here! Its very nice to meet u guys! - as a part of our first lesson pls read this page.c:
This page is about hogwarts astronomy and provides a basic summery on what we'll be doing.also first and fifth years pay attention to ur required equipment,and where our class is located.that's it! we won't be haveing class tommorow but we will every wednesday after that,remem. Thxs again,Anna.

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Heres my registration form
Name: Una Santos
Gender: female
House: gryffindor
Year: 1
Gryffindors, sign up here: name, year

Could i be a teacher i would want to be the teacher of potions
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