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Name: Ramsis

Role: Jumper


Gender: F

History: She prides herself being the crafty shifty woman she is. Ramsis lived on the planet Saffron, The fight planet. Only men are allowed to fight, but that didn't sit right with her, Women sit around and tend to the house and home, just the thought of living like that enraged her and caused her to run from her home town. Years after Ramsis learned how to effectively dress as a boy in order to be able to make enough money to catch a ship to Fragos.

Personality: Ramsis is a rough, tough and sassy girl who isn't afraid of getting dirty and fighting to reach her goals. fiercely independent, sarcastic, direct, stubborn, and confrontational, carefree, adventurous tomboy.

Likes: Sweets, Candies, Nature

Dislikes: Rude people spicy food.

•Hand to hand
•Master weapon wielder 

Weapon: Her Blade.
Pet: N/a.

Is there a specified profile template I need to use of may I use my own?

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Name: Geralt "the white wolf of rivia"

Gender: Male

Sexual preference: straight

Occupation: A Witcher

Likes: adventure, mystery, friends,Camping,traveling

Dislikes: thieves, falling, being captured, not much else

Companion: N/A ((will change when I find one))

Bio: born in the floating city of riveria my parents died at a young age dealing with mercenaries whores thieves corrupt politics and sailors.

Please try to get your profiles up and going. There is plenty of members to get this group going.

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--/ Queen

Lynii the dragon like horse.

Shy / Outspoken / Caring / Kind / Rude / Perverted / Submissive

Freedom / Justice / King / Friendship / Sweets / Kids / Lynii

Hunters / Thieves

Yan was raised by her father to become the Prince's wife one day. He never liked her going out and playing with the boys or girls. But she would sneak out once in a bit to play. They all thought she was odd for not minding the cold. Her blue blue eyes always so eager to meet her betrothed. Now as she is grown after her father sent her away at age 13 she lived in the castle with the king and his son. Not knowing a single person made her shy and keep to her self when she was able to. Over time though she fell in love with her future husband even when his father would degrade her by saying she was nothing but an object to fulfill his sons needs. Now she stays by his side happily, she learned to heal people so she would be useful beside him as he traveled.
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Yan walked around the city with Lynii. Lynii was her special horse, or dragon. Which ever you preferred to see most of. She smiled at the children as they walked up asking her if they may pet her.
??: May I bet it Miss?
Yan: Of course you may child. She doesn't hurt a fly.
Yan smiled kindly as she patted on Lynii's side. Her bright blue ice water eyes staring as the child runs her fingers through the fur of the horse. Giggling she ran off as Yan looked up, hearing the clock chime.
"I wonder if our King is done with business."

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A jumper wears all lightweight armor, making it easier for them to jump and not just fall to their death. After all we want them to land on the back of a flying beast or onto an enemy ship properly.

Riun the Jumper was the best of the best. He was the first one to jump. It was just one of those spur of the moment actions to help take down a beast. Ever since then a Captain will make sure he has at least 2 jumpers. Riun was 45 when he passed. It was a tragedy and everyone misses him dearly. His family gets compensated each run done.
What happened you ask? There was a Swinger who insisted they knew what they were doing so Riun trusted them and when he went for his jump to get onto the enemy ship the swinger had over shot it, the cable chain knocked Riun out and he fell to his death.
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This profession is not easy. It takes great skill and aim to become a Swinger. Why do you ask? Well they shoot this gun which has an iron cable to his legs. The jumper then flies under and over the Captains ship like a swinging effect towards the enemy. Allowing the Jumper to make it over a great deal of distance. Now there is usually only 2 Swingers and 2 Jumpers. Why? So that they can pair off and learn to trust one another.
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Guardians Light

Here is the tavern carefully named for Captains to come and hire a crew. Or if you rather just come get a drink, enjoy company of fine women and men. A candle light scene flickers throughout the tavern giving off a warm glow amongst the people. Though an eerie glow along the outside world. Serving from ale to the finer options of drinks.
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