Hello everyone,

I am an international school teacher currently teaching AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics. I would love to share my resources as well as learn so much from all of you in terms of making digital classroom.



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Hi, there.
I am an international school teacher currently based in Seoul.
I teach AP Economics and AP US Government and I use Google products quite frequently.

Hopefully, we can talk and share more experience about how to effectively use technology in classroom in this group.


오늘 가입하였습니다. 앞으로 유선생아카데미 등 여러 선생님들로부터 구글 활용 교육의 모든 것을 배우고 싶습니다.^^ 유익한 정보 기대하겠습니다.

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Join us this December for 2 full days of hands-on training and awesome learning. See you at the South Korea #GooglePD! Early Bird rate still available. Register 6 or more staff and teachers from your school to get even more savings!


Hello, everyone.

It is my great pleasure to be a member of this community.
Nice to meet you all.

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Need an idea for a great club? I started an @TED_ED Club this past year at my school, so here is my first #awesome experience! https://goo.gl/nhG7fr Includes how we used #GoogleEDU and @Flipgrid for feedback. It's been a while since I've had time to blog, but here goes! #TEDEd is all about #StudentVoice

I am Jade Chen, a Google Certified Trainer from Hong Kong. I will work at NLCS Jeju as the Head of Mandarin at Junior School in the coming school year! My current interests are digital publishing and assessment for learning with technology integration. I look forward to connecting with you!
만나서 반가워요.

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11월 20일(월)에 G Suites for Education 서비스를 신청하고 오늘 11월 29일(수)에 세팅이 완료되어 사용 가능하게 되었습니다.
처음에 3~4일동안 손놓고 있지 않았다면 바로 처리가 되었을 수도 있었겠네요.
구글 측에서 교장샘 메일을 통해 확인을 받고 싶어해서 메일을 보내니 17분만에 완료해 주었습니다.

관련 절차를 https://jppark.smart89.com/g-suite 에 정리해 놓았습니다. 세팅하실 분들은 참고하시기 바랍니다. ^^

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GEG South Korea Leader이신 박정철 교수님과 Co Leader 윤상진 연구원 그리고 서울 교육대학교 재학중인 엄주홍, 전영훈 선생님과 함께 G Suite for Education과 Google이 제공하는 교육 리소스를 이용한 레시피에 관해 쓴

'구글 클래스룸 실무 레시피' 책이 8월 14일 부터 출간될 예정입니다.

교보문고 (https://goo.gl/6nQLME), 알라딘 (https://goo.gl/mYMBqz),
Yes24 (https://goo.gl/5sfHkq) 등의 인터넷 서점에서 예약 판매 중이니

많은 관심과 성원 부탁드립니다!
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