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[I need another Julius Kingsley. I will be rping as another him]

What if two of the same persons met? What could occur? The universe destroyed? No. Conflict? Maybe.

Julius was arriving to the hotel room and soon saw one who looked exactly like him: the same smirk, patch, even the same bodyguard Suzaku. Excuse me? What are you doing in my room?
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[Alright. Profile is activated]

File selected: Julius Kingsley.
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Name: Julius Kingsley

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Hair: Short black

Eye color: violet

Power/abilities/gifts: He is very skilled in tactics.

Weapon(s): unknown

Birth town: unknown, but most likely Britannia

History/bio: Little is known about him. He cannot even remember much.

Personality: Julius Kingsley has a large amount of self-confidence that he channels through grandiose displays of flamboyant arrogance.

Strengths: tactics, commanding

Weakness: Prone to have strange dreams and pain in one of his eyes.

Family: unknown

Partner/lover/crush: not yet

Friends: Suzaku, Shin

Likes: tea, chess, things getting done

Dislikes: weak people, things not getting done

"The ideal tool for controlling people is fear, and nothing overwhelms people more than an unseen fear."
"One cannot achieve victory if overly concerned with civilian casualties."
"The Emperor only wishes for victory."

Extra/Additional: N/A
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um....does anyone rp Akito the Exiled ?

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~~Code Geass Romance Roleplay~~

"Finally...I have found you!" an elusive woman tucks a strand of her vibrant blue lilac-colored hair out of her face as she excitedly watches [Y/N] from a far as he played in the forest with his best friend, Suzuki Kurosaki.

"It's him...He will be the one..."

> 17 Years Earlier <

Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia, [Y/N]'s father, takes his final breath as he achieves Zero Requiem. Lelouch's mind is at peace as he is satisfied not only with what he accomplished for the world, but also with the fact that his unborn son would be well-taken care of by C.C. in a harmonized Earth...

...wrong. Unfortunately, history repeats itself. Once Empress Nunnally Vi Britannia passes away due to a terrible plane accident, the world plummets back into chaos; Lelouch's establishments crumbling and washing down the drain.

C.C. gives birth to [Y/N], destining him to be the next World Savior...just like his deceased father: Lelouch. Before Zero Requiem, Lelouch fulfilled his contract with C.C., therefore finally setting her free of her Code and immortality. That meant it was up to another Code Bearer / Previous Geass-user to bestow her son with Geass and the power to rectify the world once again.

> Present Time <

Bored and tired of waiting for the school day to end, [Y/N] who was now 17 years old, decided to ditch class under the facade of having to go to the nurse's office. He casually upped and left Ashford Academy for the afternoon, walking to his favorite little cafe a few blocks away from campus to grab a sweet snack. While he stands in line, a truck outside roars past being followed by several police cars with sirens blaring.


With the intention of checking to make sure people were alright, [Y/N] ran out of the cafe and over to where the truck had collided with a fire hydrant. He climbs to the roof, knocking,

" anyone hurt in there?"

Getting no answer, [Y/N] moves to attempt pulling the sky window open when the truck suddenly starts moving again, causing [Y/N] to fall inside of the cargo part of the vehicle.

"Oh shit..." He mumbles to himself, spotting the capsule designed to hold poisonous gas. No wonder why this truck was being chased by the government! The drivers must be Japanese terrorists trying to wrestle power that was rightfully theirs from Britannia's hands.

The truck stops and the door is forced open by one of the Britannian Military soldiers. [Y/N] is abruptly kicked and pinned by the soldier.

"Agh! Stop! I'm not a terrorist!"

"[Y/N] that you? It's been awhile..." a familiar voice asks as the helmet comes off. Lo and behold, there is [Y/N]'s longtime best friend: Suzuki Kurosaki.

Suddenly, the gas capsule opens and out of it emerges a beautiful young woman with flowing blue lilac hair. She falls to the ground, her body clothed in a belted white straitjacket.

"[Y/N], you've got to get out of here. My comrades will kill you whether you're a terrorist or not since you know too much. Run and take this woman with you!" Suzuki pushes [Y/N] away.

[Y/N] bolts, carrying the limp woman's body with him. Unfortunately, while he is hiding and waiting for the troops to pass by, his cellphone rings!


-Use the third - person
-No godmodding or controlling my character(s)
-Don't be shy with romance
-Comment: "The day a demon was born" if you read everything...i can usually tell if you didn't, so please please be truthful!
-Have fun; and thanks for joining!

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Forgot to add the pictures to my profile
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"Thought I try to shoot myself out of things, mix things up a little" -John-117

Name: John-117

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: American

Personality: Serious, Military Confidence and Courage

Side: The United Nations, even though it was disbanded

Likes: his position, and people who fight for their freedom

Dislikes: Britannia

No-Geass Power

Occupation: United Nations Space Command, Naval Special Operations Operative
Hunted Fugitive of the Britannian Empire

Weapons: Assault Rifle of some unknown Origin, using 7.56-51 NATO Rounds, and a Miltiary Sidearm from unknown Origin (.50 Caliber), 2 MK2 Frag Grenades

Facts: Part of a Naval Project before Britannia took over the United States, in-which 300 Selected Soldiers were Physically Enhanced with Augumentation. 75 survived including himself. Rank Master Chief Petty Officer United Nations Space Command

Bio: Classified and Basically unknown, under the Office Of Naval Intelligence Protocol 16

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bitches gonna die tonight, and im gonna be the one who is killing them

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Going back to being Lelouch because why not?

This is so funny my god... I am dying

+Suzaku Kururugi +Lelouch vi Britannia +Lloyd Asplund +Lelouch Vi Britannia 

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Chasing Arthur Furiously

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Heres the first page of a fanfiction I wrote

No pairings. :P

I was suppost to be dead, But no I was not, Of course I wasn't "Why did you let her do this?" I asked C2 slightly confused "She wanted to die for her master... and besides, Everyone still thinks you are dead" She explained

I have to continue more tomorrow
Going somewhere.... Like P.E which I hate

Eg Euphie Has invited me to a game of chess.
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