So, how's the reading going on? I am afraid I did not have time yet to go through the tasks, but I hope to catch up within tonight. 

This message is just a placeholder for our tasks this week :

Task 1 - Readings & Discussion 

In preparation for the Feb 19 panel, please check out the suggested readings (all links are below) and write a short (2-3 paragraphs, no more!) reflection. Share it within the group, read some of the other posts and discuss. Here are some questions to get you started:
What did you find most surprising in the readings?
What did you disagree with or have questions about?

Task 2 - The Activity 
For this week's activity, read Seymour Papert’s essay on the “Gears of My Childhood” and write about an object from your childhood that interested and influenced you. Share your story in the group. For inspiration, you can find examples from other students who took the class in the additional resources section below.  

(the details are in the message we all received from our friend Oliver a couple of days ago). 

Hello Friends!
My name is Thomas Björk and I work at Hyper Island ( in Stockholm at the Digital Data Strategist program.  
I'm really addicted to learn new things and also building Learning Environments so individuals can learn as much as possible. 
Really looking forward to explore the digital/community/network/internet aspect of learning. Let's see what this might bring.

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