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- Results of winners will be posted on Sunday each week, and your deadline will always be at 12 AM on Saturdays.
- Winners are judged by poll. Polls start at 12 AM Saturday to 12 AM Sunday.
- Art that wins the challenge for the week gets to have their art pinned up until the next winner! (So basically a week) And they get to pick the next song!!
- Draw anything the song gives you an idea for! Make sure it appropriate, though gore is definitely allowed!
- One entry per contestant.
- Post in the weekly challenge entries section

Tell me if you'll participate, and good luck if you join! The song of the week is....

Slip-Elliot Moss

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Some pics of Charleston without his bag!! YEET Just sketches!!
(this is Sketchy Esdey just sayin)
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Guess who's B A CK, BACK AGAIN- ok ok.
Hi! I've returned once more..! I'll do better on staying active here, I swear!
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Here’s another Cute Drawing of My WONDERFUL! Ship of Weiss & my new RWBY OC Character I made for Volume 6 named Adine
+Inky Stickz also drew them on her Profile so check her out :)
Hope you all like it!

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Here’s a drawing of a Fabulous Ship of my new RWBY OC for Volume 6 for School & so I made him Gaelic & Kinda Shipped them for a Story tied with Volume 6!
I Love this ship now!
And I’ll Try to post the actual Colored Version of him on either Monday or Tuesday it in my normal Post for it’s on Computer !

Hope you like it!

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