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HEY RACERS! The theme of this weeks paint jobs and designs is Racecars! I mean from old school nascars to new modern GT Cars. Get to it racers!

Hello Everyone!!!

This is an anouncement by me that I am only +R C Electricals and I am gonna host an competition 2 this time and this time, Competiton Name is -:

'The Ultimate Speed'

This competition is dedicated to our good moderator +SuperSonic Swift as he likes taking challenges, this time challenge is that you have to record your best run in straight way at top speed.

Challenge is starting from 24th February. So just like +SuperSonic Swift keep your Regera at level 399!!!!

Hello +Noah‚Äč. From today I will be not in account named R C Electricals. I am coming to a new account named + Gaming Keldeo.

So promote me after 2 weeks, OK??

Very nice and thank you for the updates

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Is my best cars enough or is there a better car than what I have choosed for each group?

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The Outlaw Hemi Baracuda running down the highway. Based off of a Design for a guys own hemi baracuda

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+R C Electricals I changed the header to this. It was a thing my friend designed on my account. I thought it looked very clean

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BMW M3 E30 Procar Style. Whippin around every turn it approaches

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68 SS Camaro Ready To Run down the strip.
Based off the Sunoco Camaro
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Pick a car for each of these three roads.
Say what car and say which road you'd run it on. These cars are not exclusive to NFSPAYBACK no its all cars in existance.
And if your car is a custom say how it is.
Road One: Custom V8 Twincharged Rocket Bunny Mach 2 BRZ GT, It'd look like the on from FF8
Road Two: Custom V10 Twincharged Engine Metallic Sunrise Orange Lexus LFA
Road 3: Custom Twincharged V12 Engine Metallic Citrus Orange Custom Body Lamborghini Diablo(I call it the VTGS)
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