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Parental Alienation: A Measurement Tool
To participate, you must be:
1) 18 years of age or older
2) A parent
You will be asked to complete a brief background questionnaire and (4) separate scales related to the study of parental alienation.
For questions or concerns regarding the study or your participation in the study, you may contact:
Ms. Gena Rowlands at 561-523-0484 or
You may also contact Dissertation Chair, Dr. Sarah Lewis, PhD, at (305)899-3900 or email at
You may also contact the Institutional Board Review Board point of contact, Barbara Cook,
at (305)899-3020 or

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I'm send these from people from all over the world children. 

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Scheduled for May 5, 2017 8PM US MST -

All males, men, MRA, MGTOW, SPI, PUA, IBMOR are welcome to fight club but you must show and prove. If you come to troll make sure the troll has value or get booted the fuck out.

May 5th Featured fight - BYO Barbarism VS Misanthropic Altruist

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This may be the most epic Bro-Down yet! Or not. Fuck you. Meh

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Breaking News - Protesters on Jeremy Corbyns Roof

Two New Fathers 4 Justice protesters Bobby Smith and Martin
Matthews have scaled Jeremy Corbyn's constituency home roof in Islington.

They used a ladder to get on to the roof at 10am this morning and have several banner and plan to stay up all day. 'New Fathers 4 Justice' are a wing group of Fathers4Justice USA.

Corbyn opposed shared parenting in The Children and Families Act 2014.

Martin who he is serenading Theresa May has a message for her on his banner. Theresa May our new PM is a prime example of an MP making promises and breaking them when in power. This is what Theresa May told fathers in 2004:
"That is why, in my first month in Government, I will publish a Bill to give a presumption of co- parenting and a right for both parents to be involved in bringing up their children, when couples separate. We will ensure that the law serves the best interests of the child - and children deserve to see both parents."

Now that Theresa May is PM, she has no excuse to reform the family court system. But she won't!

I like what you do ....mostly BUT I wish more of you understood the need to champion the rights of children, more.
The reason we're loosing this battle is because the Feminazis are claiming to represent childrens interests. We all know they are working against childrens interests. Its only when we make this the big issue that we'll get the media behind us. Because denying children their fathers is child abuse. The damage it does is well documented and understood. They get away with it because we make it so easy for them to say we're only thinking of our selves and not the children.
All the super hero stuff is great BUT the main focus should be protecting children from the industry that profits from their harm.
You'll get plenty of journos willing to write about this once we're not casting our selves and self interested women haters....especially if we start providing them with ready to cut and paste articles that make this important point. As it is now they only get press releases from our enemies and the enemies of our children, that denigrate us.

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