Hello Everyone!
I am sadly saying that I am going to be leaving this community. It was lots of fun, but I find that I don't post quite as much here anymore.
Make Sure To Keep Making This Community A Great Place!

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New Rare Monday item!  

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New diamond item, pixel wolf head? this is an item i swear no one could predict. 

Mod Apps are up! I will be choosing 2 to 4 mods when we get 17 members!

Mod Apps: http://goo.gl/forms/bN1HhBa5KS

Hello, I'm new here, came from play wild.
I do have some experience in counseling for kids and teens. Not adults. I had helped people from suicides. crying over a rate bow. And other basic help like where is epic wonders.
4 years experience with animal jam

I think 15 members is enough and here are the new mods:
+ςคt l๏שє ﻮค๓เภﻮ 
+Cocoa Puff
+Aquashine123 AJ 
+AJ Weblinks

Thanks for joining my community to all!

Heard something abt friend issues.
I'm your guy to call for that, I've saved a few lives I got experience ovo/

either way HELLO! C:
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