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Has anybody ever asked you about house-sitting and how to get into it? You can send them to this short n sweet video! 

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I’d like to say I’ve seen it all when it comes to house sitting. And I’d like to say I’ve heard it all too. But some of our house sitting horror stories don’t even hold a candle to others. I don’t think any house sitter can predict everything that can possibly happen whilst sitting house.

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Our most recent guest on the 8 house sitting questions hails from Ireland.

Find out why she was born under a wandering star and learn about her chicken adventures.

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Many people have been asking me how I got started as a PROFESSIONAL HOUSE SITTER!


FOR 3 DAYS ONLY - November 25 -28th - 30+ World-Class House Sitters are gathering to help YOU travel & stay anywhere in the world for FREE with house sitting!

Now you can learn more about this FABULOUS LIFESTYLE and getting started as a PROFESSIONAL HOUSE SITTER whether this is FULL OR PART TIME - LOCAL OR INTERNATIONAL.

GET A HEAD START... Grab your FREE ticket now to access the weekly Pre-Summit 'Expert Panels' Hosted each week!

And as a wonderful bonus, if you SIGN UP TODAY, you can purchase the ALL ACCESS SUMMIT GOLDEN TICKET for just $27!

Your GOLDEN ticket includes LIFETIME ACCESS to:
3 Bonus 'How-to' Masterclasses
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If you or someone you know would like to jump on this great offer, it is only available for the NEXT 12 HOURS at this ridiculous price before the ticket price almost doubles!

Look forward to seeing you at THE HOUSE SITTING SUMMIT!

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As full time house sitters we move a lot. So how do we deal with this stress?
If you follow our adventures you will know that we move a lot! So how do we deal with the stress that comes along with moving? Our newest post reveals it all.

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+Al McCullough was recently interviewed by +Dan Erickson 
aka Hip Diggs about our journey to selling all our stuff, moving to Panama, house sitting and what's next for us. As an added bonus Al reveals how the stick man is made.

#sellallyourstuff   #minimalist   #travel   #housesitting  

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It's that time again for 8 House sitting questions.

This month we interviewed Martin Gray house sitter extraordinaire. Martin has been sitting full time for 9 years and has some amazing stories to tell. So without further ado...


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Taking part in +Natalie Sisson Suitcase Entrepreneur 10 Day Freedom blog challenge on the "Y" of living a freedom lifestyle. Here is day 2, trust you enjoy #10DBC #freedomplan

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Photo Tour Wat Pa Lat: - WAT"s WAT's everywhere in Chiang Mai, however this one is tucked into a mountain away from the crowds, seeing it, is to feel the Peace and Joy.
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