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Indoor Volleyball Season is around the corner.
As usual, we will have our kickoff informational meeting August 15 at 5pm in the Iowa State training room (building 154). If you plan to participate in either the fall or the winter league, please consider ensuring you or someone from your team attends.

Fall League
- 10 weeks indoor 6-person volleyball, plus 2 week tournament
- Games on Wednesday and Thursday nights (team chooses which upon registration)
- September 12 (or 13) thru December 12 (or 13)
- Registration: August 15 thru September 3
- Estimated at $120 per team registration fee

Winter League
- 10 weeks indoor 6-person volleyball, plus 2 week tournament
- Games on Wednesday and Thursday nights (team chooses which upon registration)
- January 9 (or 10) thru April 3 (or 4), 2019
- Registration: December 10, 2018 thru January 2, 2019
- Estimated at $120 per team registration fee

Wednesday night league, anyone need a sub?

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Are you interested in playing volleyball outside of the league? Join us at the Rec Center on Saturdays for volleyball pickup games. All skill levels are welcome. We try to play Saturdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm on the East Court depending on participation numbers. You need to be a Rec Center member or have a guest pass in order to participate in the pickup games.

To be added to the pickup game weekly invite, and receive notifications if the pickup games are cancelled or still scheduled, please add your name to the following google spreadsheet:

If you have any questions please let me know !

As a reminder, registration for the winter volleyball session is still open through this evening. If you are still interested in registering a team, please begin the process ASAP and contact me to ensure we can complete the registration (including payment) in a timely manner. Otherwise, the website will be shutdown this evening for registration.

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Winter volleyball registration is now open.
League play will consist of a 10-week regular season (starting the week of January 9/10), and a two-week single tournament.
Please follow the instructions on the following page.

Registration for the Winter Indoor Volleyball Season will be open on Monday, and will remain open until full, or January 2nd at the latest. Games will begin the following week, and run for 10 week (regular season) plus a tournament.

Important note to keep in mind: Only t-shirt orders present in your team registration at the time of payment will be counted. I.e. ensure that any participant that wants a league t-shirt have registered prior to the captain making the payment for the team.

Team registration instructions to be posted on Monday.

Volleyball League T-shirt News:

An email was sent out to the team captains regarding the timeline for T-shirts, but it seems to not be flowing to all league participants, so I figured I would spread the word.

Please keep in mind that we decided to add T-shirts the week before registration opened, so we didn't have much time to layout a plan for orders, if the T-shirts are popular enough that we continue into next year's indoor season we will for sure look into better order/payment solutions.

T-shirt News:
"As we all know, this season we are re-introducing t-shirts for the volleyball league. Due to simplicity in the registration and payment process, the orders for t-shirts were included in the team registration charges at the beginning of the season. These orders will be combined with the winter registrations that will be occurring in December. This allows us to get a cheaper price per t-shirt, but also means the t-shirts will not arrive until mid-January.

Note that at this time the league doesn't have the means to collect payment on the t-shirt orders outside of the registration process. As such, any team member additions at this time are not able to place a t-shirt order, and would have to do so during registration for the winter season."

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We have made some improvements this year to your volleyball experience. Not only have we purchased new balls and scoreboards, but also we bought new antennas, and marked the volleyball posts to ensure the net is setup at the correct height. The two volleyball bags can be found in the plastic tote by the nets

Below are the tips and tricks for setting up the equipment:

1) Position of the Posts- When setting up the net it is CRITICAL that the posts with the cranks are placed on the outside of the court (holes closest to the track). These posts will not go fully into the floor mount, and therefore the net height marking has been adjusted accordingly. (See Photo 1)

2) Height of Net- The top bracket of the post should line up to the bottom of the black tape. This is measured at 7 ft 11.625 inches. If the bracket does not touch the tape, it is too low. (See Photo 2)

3) Installing Antenna: We have a new velcro mounting style of antenna. Please watch the included video on how to setup the antenna. (Thanks Sergio for being the model). The antenna should line up with the red lines on the gym floor. (See Photo 4)

If anyone has any questions please let me know, otherwise enjoy and I hope to see you all on the court!

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Fall 2018 Indoor Volleyball registration is underway!

- 10 weeks indoor 6-person volleyball, plus 2 week tournament
- Games on Wednesday and Thursday nights (team chooses which upon registration)
- League Play: September 12 (or 13) thru December 12 (or 13)

Registration will run through September 5.
Only major change from last year is that now we will be offering t-shirts at a reduced cost to all participants that would like one.

For instructions, please refer to the RC Clubs website.

Good new for those planning on joining us for indoor volleyball this fall or winter. As requested at the volleyball informational meeting last night, we are re-introducing t-shirts for participants and an economical cost. When registering, each individual can pick which t-shirt size they would like (or none, if they wish), and the cost will simply be added to the team's registration fee.
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