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i have no clue when i was made a mod. oh well. hello everyone!
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+Mαdαм Rєd Getting harder and harder to tag you...anyway,I know this place is dead and all,but it's just occurred to me that we don't have an unchained X category.

Kingdom hearts theory from +Jaelen Phillips 

"So, if Xehanort received the plan from Luxu, that means:
1. Luxu must either be Xehanort and Eraqus's master or is connected to their master.

2. Xehanort's grand plan is actually the M.O.M's plan, so Xehanort believes what he is doing is right. I mean, he did some incredibly evil stuff to get it(taking innocent people's lives as vessels and minions, ruining friendships, and possibly destroying worlds), but that was all because he was told this was suppose to happen, which raises a good theory:

Xehanort wants Sora and friends to defeat him. You may say, "But he made Riku a temporary vessel, and tried to make Sora a vessel." What was the result of both of those events. Riku went on the path to find himself and became a keyblade master, and Axel/Lea saved Sora, got a keyblade after, and Sora went on to train and learn new abilities in order to become a master(KH3). Xehanort is preparing them to fight him, so he can lose."

"In result of him losing, he's fulfilling his part of the plan. He will most likely smile as he dies, saying something like, "Thank you, Sora. My role has been finished." He knows he's suppose to die, to get to Kingdom Hearts for his master. That's always been the goal since the beginning: Kingdom Hearts is the heart of all worlds and source of all power"

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Is it just me or does the end of pain look like a more evil version of Xehanorts keyblade? Also,I saw under this image:
"Six foretellers or seven?" Maybe Xehanorts was the masters and end of pain was the sixth ones,and then that keyblade was passed down and the keychain for EoP was lost until Sora and Riku found.
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On the topic of dissidia,I would love to see manikins in kingdom hearts. Imagine walking along,going to the next area or searching for treasure chests,when suddenly BAM. A manikin hops out of hiding in the form of a party member/enemy/protagonist/Npc.
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I just couldn't stop myself.

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Kh Multiplayer Idea corner:
My ideas (put out before,minor lay modified the second one.)

"Raid mode."
How it works:Npc fighting the heartless start losing,so you can call in an ally to either:
A: Take control of an NPC and fight as them.
B: Summon a disney castle knight of three variants.
V1: Knight (Dream sword)
V2: Wizard (Dream wand)
V3: Captain (Dream sword and shield.)
For the Knights: they will then stay by your side until you reach a story part,they leave or you kick them.
For the NPC: They leave when you enter another area too far for the normal npc's patrol area.

"System monitors"
A multiplayer mode in a separate selection where you could either "make" your character to fight on the game grid,or import your Unchained chi character and have them be made into a 3d model for your multiplayer avatar,made to act like a system monitor for the grid.

Story: The grid has be overrun by viruses (heartless and data enemies. You will also fight rouge programs infected by the remaining strand of the abraxas virus),so Sora and the hollow bastion gang uploaded system monitors to hold the heartless at bay,rid the last strain of the abraxas virus and train against data enemies.

Beginning: It will start out you practicing against tron after choosing how you want your character's playstyle.

You could fight like the basic keyblade wielders/protagonists style's or fight as the organization character styles.

Gameplay: After finishing the tutorial against tron,you are paired up with two to three random beginner players like yourself to practice team mode against rouge programs. In team mode,you may perform team attacks with other monitors and such.

Aftermath: After you take out the rouge programs,tron gives you the grid map,allowing you to explore the grid easily and take on missions mirage arena style.

Game modes:
Free roam: Explore the grid,fight random enemy spawns,invite friends and have fun! Can earn materials and munny,but not of too high qualities and quantities.
Prove your worth: Areas with high enemy readings have been found. Invite friends or take on the heartless alone. Various rewards depending on mission.
Grid matches: Spar with your fellow system monitors in private,local or online matches. Winning team earns materials and munny. Losers earn materials.
Light bike races: Self explanatory. Various rewards based on rank.
Wanted: Find and defeat the rouge program. Can be done in PYW or Free Roam.
Matters of Pride: Take on Data foes.
Great rewards. Rewards go down per completion if done over and over to prevent farming.

Comment your ideas down below! I would love to hear yours.
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When you're playing kingdom hearts and get killed by a shadow.
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