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Hello from texas

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I completely forgot to post this here.  I was Interviewed by Brian Tong from CNET(really nice guy by the way) about my Apple Campus 2 monthly updates. The interview was 2 hours long, had a video connection issue with my Phantom 3 Pro and my Tarot 680 needs a bit of a tune-up, so... I had to fly my Phantom 2 Vision+. Glad I brought a few along with me.  I had many discussions with Jason Pepper (Exec Producer) prior to the interview to ensure we shed a positive light on multirotors, and no "news-like" negativity. All in all... it was fun.  If you'd like to check it out, here it is: 

If you'd like to check out some of my monthly updates, they are here: 

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The latest update video of the Apple Campus 2. This time I used my Phantom 3 Professional instead of the Tarot 680PRO.

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Pictures from the Drone Nationals in Sacramento. Placed #21 after the time trials. Not sure where I ended up at the end though.. but I didn't make it to the top 8. 
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I am very new at this hobby....Can someone help me PLEASE.. I own a Spektrum DX7   Not a DX7S it is like new . I have only the transmitter  and the charger No other wires which may be needed for binding . Can someone tell me the steps to bind this DX7 to any Quad Copter. Ive been told it can be done  but not how  to do it. Id rather not throw it away and spend what it would cost to get a newer one. If someone knows how to do this and has the patience to tell me I would greatly appreciate it

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Tweaking my NAZA...

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Pics from the BayRC meet yesterday. 
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Another flyover of the new Apple Campus, this thing is HUGE!

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Helping out a friend.. and putting my gear to the test.

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Check out my Coyote Point video! Gimbal and better footage coming soon.
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